Our little game now has a dedicated IRC server to allow players and developers to chat in real-time. IRC was chosen as a cross-platform and open chat system, with LOTS of clients available out there. You can find our server on


We have 2 permanent channels running :-

  • #game - For general player chat. Developers and Sages will also hang out here.
  • #dev - For developer chat, invite only. For private discussions amongst our team.

How To Use

  1. Download an IRC client for your platform and install it.
  2. Most will offer you an option to create an Account or a Server or something like that. Use something like the following. 
    1. Server
      Port 6667
      Nickname [your character name] (can be anything not reserved)
      Login method NickServ (when available)

      Terminology may differ on your client. Leave everything not mentioned here as default values.

  3. Once connected, the client might either show you a list of existing channels, or ask for you a channel name to connect to. Some will remember previous channels, some will offer a search option. Join the channel by entering the name or choose #game.

Reserving Your Nickname

Because IRC allows you to chose any 'Nick', and you probably don't want others stealing your name, you should reserve your name before somebody else does!

Once connected, enter the following command (replacing 'mysecret' and 'myemail..' with your chosen password and email address) :-

/msg NickServ REGISTER mysecret

Then when you connect to the channel in the future, supply your password by using :-

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY mysecret

Your IRC client probably has options to do this for you, perhaps in the form of a 'Password' field in the account settings.


Your administrator, Emerald, will appear as Em. All of our Sages will appear with the same nickname as they use in game :-

  • Sage Indigo
  • Sage Kurama
  • Sage Darkeye
  • Sage Ratcir


We are a tolerant and welcoming community, but please follow our simple rules:

  • Keep it clean and friendly in the #game channel. Any infractions will result in warnings, followed by bans.
  • Keep it legal in all other channels. Any infractions will result in immediate bans.
  • If you create your own channel, you are responsible for ensuring your room obeys any rules listed here that apply to all channels.
  • Do not prefix your name with Sage. Any such names not belonging to an actual Sage will be blacklisted.

Recommended Clients

Cross Platform

We take this to mean to run on at least Windows, Linux and OS X.

Quassel Linux®, Windows®, and MacOS X® as well as Android smartphones
Hex Chat Cross platform dedicated IRC client. For more advanced users.
Pidgin Supports mulitple chat protocols.


mIRC Free to use, but nags after 30 days.


Empathy Supports mulitple chat protocols. Better for novice IRC users. Available in all major GNOME distributions.
Konversation IRC for KDE


AndChat Top rated free app on Google Play
IRC for Android Top rated pay app on Google Play (£3.50)