Valkal's Shadow Maintenance Release 12

The team is please to announce Maintenance Release 12 for the Valkal's Shadow server. This is not a super exciting release, with no new features to speak of, and the team focusing on improving quality, but it does address some long time bugs and annoyances that we are sure you will appreciate.

Here is the full list :-

Playing on Linux (using Phoenicis - PlayOnLinux 5)

I just wanted everyone to know that playing on Linux is now a lot easier. Phoenicis is the new name for PlayOnLinux, and is a complete ground-up rewrite.  Some time ago, Earth Eternal Valkal's Shadow was added to the Phoenicis catalogue, making it possible to install EE on Linux with a few clicks.


Valkal's Shadow Maintenance Release 11

The TAW team are pleased to announce the next maintenance release, R11. This release is the first under a new testing regime, in an attempt to address some quality issues we have had. Liska Quicksilver is now our QA lead, and has coordinated testing of this release in his new role with care and attention.

This a bumper release, with 20 issues addressed. Highlights include several nasty problems fixed with the Valkal fight, Grove editing is back, Book Crafting is now complete and safe to use, and a lots of player reported bugs.

Server is now down for Valkal's Shadow release

We have now taken down the Scourge Of Abidan server for preparation of our next release, "Valkal's Shadow".  The server will be unavailable until November 11th 2017 at 7PM GMT (11AM PST, 1PM CST).

Why so long? Well we are updating some server infrastructure too, and will need to do some last minute preparation on the main server.

We hope to see you for launch!



The TAW team

Server and Website Down For Maintenance

The Scourge Of Abidan Server and The Anubian War website will be taken will be down for approximately 1 hour at 10 AM PDT (7PM CEST) to activate the new key registration system.

Once activated, new users will no longer need to contact a Sage to obtain a key to play the game, they can instead activate it themselves right from within this site.

Existing players will also be able to link their game accounts to their web site accounts. There is no immediate need to do this, but in the future it will be required to be able to do password resets and other account maintenance.

Did you have problems registering your account?

I am a little embarrassed to have to post this, but it appears that our account registration page for Earth Eternal - The Scourge Of Abidan has been broken for a while.

If you have managed to create an account and have logged on before, you can ignore this email, it doesn't apply to you

We are not entirely sure when this happened, but it could have been for as long as 2 months. We don't think it was, that is just worse case.

So, if you tried to register for your account at :-

Credit Shop Player Sets - Vote 3

Credit Shop Player Sets - Vote 3 - Ends 15th April 2016

This weeks vote, we have chosen four colourful previous winning sets that were once given out by Taiga Wolf. One of these will be immortalised in the Credit Shop, so choose wisely beasts. As usual, the 2 sets with the most votes will be added to the credit shop in a later update (probably 22nd April).

Embersneak - By Emerald Icemoon
50% (4 votes)
Toxic Rogue - By Hauss Prey
25% (2 votes)
Emerald Mage - By Vixen Turen
13% (1 vote)
Rock Ewe - By Spectre Husky
13% (1 vote)
Total votes: 8

Bounders Day

Every year at the start of Spring, the Bounders have long held a festival of fun and frolick that has been passed down from generation to generation. While these days all Beasts of every sort have joined the Bounders in their yearly merrymaking, this festival holds something special for those of the Bounder race itself. While the Longtails are well known for keeping many stories and legends alive for all of Beastdom, the legend of how the Bounders Day spring festival came to be is one story all Bounders know by heart.




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