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I am a little embarrassed to have to post this, but it appears that our account registration page for Earth Eternal - The Scourge Of Abidan has been broken for a while.

If you have managed to create an account and have logged on before, you can ignore this email, it doesn't apply to you

We are not entirely sure when this happened, but it could have been for as long as 2 months. We don't think it was, that is just worse case.

So, if you tried to register for your account at :-

Credit Shop Player Sets - Vote 3

Credit Shop Player Sets - Vote 3 - Ends 15th April 2016

This weeks vote, we have chosen four colourful previous winning sets that were once given out by Taiga Wolf. One of these will be immortalised in the Credit Shop, so choose wisely beasts. As usual, the 2 sets with the most votes will be added to the credit shop in a later update (probably 22nd April).

Embersneak - By Emerald Icemoon
50% (4 votes)
Toxic Rogue - By Hauss Prey
25% (2 votes)
Emerald Mage - By Vixen Turen
13% (1 vote)
Rock Ewe - By Spectre Husky
13% (1 vote)
Total votes: 8

Bounders Day

Every year at the start of Spring, the Bounders have long held a festival of fun and frolick that has been passed down from generation to generation. While these days all Beasts of every sort have joined the Bounders in their yearly merrymaking, this festival holds something special for those of the Bounder race itself. While the Longtails are well known for keeping many stories and legends alive for all of Beastdom, the legend of how the Bounders Day spring festival came to be is one story all Bounders know by heart.



The Scourge Of Abidan - Update 160116

The EE-TAW team (previously knows as IceEE team), are happy to announce our latest update. This is primarily a bug fix release, but we also also added two of the Sparkplay Credit Shop sets

Midlands Militia

For full details of each issue, click on the issue number and you will be taken to the GitHub page where you can see the original bug description.

Notable bug fixes include :-


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