Population: Tips to bringing the community together

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Population: Tips to bringing the community together

Hey folks Smile so I've had a few players ask about population in recent weeks, stressing that its often hard to find players of you level to player with.  This is unfortuantely one of the fall backs of a private server ( one thats in Beta to boot)  I figured I'd give some tips however to help players get together.  So Earth Eternal currently has roughly 1200 accounts many of which are active or semi casual players.  Time zone is also a large factor with a small population as our community spans from all corners of the world, although heavily in the UK and NA. 

Friends List.  For those of you who aren't aware Earth Eternal is equipped with a Friends system.  Using the "F" key you can open up a friends list. There you can add the names of players you encounter on your travels or through the region chat by typing in their name under add friend or right clicking on their Avatar and selecting add friend.  I encourage all players to add everyone they encounter to you friends list so you can easily see who is online. 

Talk to people.  Dont be shy about talking to the community via forums, Discord or in game. One of the things thats allowed this game to survive so long is the amazing community and how close they've become. There are so many great people I've spoken too and making new friends is a great way to find people to play with. 

Discord.  We have a great Discord channel run by one of our long time players "Shadrel Foxen"  This community is quite active and is a great place to announce your jumping online and inviting some friends to join.  In addition its a great place to find more people to add to your friends list.

Coordinate time.  One of the difficulties of playing with people around the world is time zones.  Once you have a strong friends list and are accessing all the avenues of the community try and coordinate your time of play so that you can all play together.

These are just some ideas I had while talking to a player today Smile As we are still in Beta we aren't nor plan to much in the way of advertsing for the game outside of Facebook and twitter, so reach out to friends and introduce them to the game.

As always if anyone has any questions regarding any topic feel free to open a thread or PM Heathendel2.0 if you'd prefer a more private medium.  

Heath and the Team