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Returning Player

Hello everyone,


I am Yaz, or also known as Yazzle in other games. I played t his game long ago while on deployment and dipped in and out of the game through its life on the private server. it is now 2018 and I have not been around on the forums in roughly a year. I am about a year into my game development and programming degree at the local community college I go to in Upstate NY. As well as being a full time student I am also an active mod on Twitch for Aykatv (, and I am working on my drawing and 3d modeling skills outside of class.

I am looking forward to logging in here and there and playing through the story in game over the next few weeks. I have been gone a long time and I already see that changes have been made and I am excited to see them all while playing. I look forward to those of you that i happen to run into during my adventures in game.