My farewells

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My farewells

I had grown to love Earth Eternal again at least for a while, but everyone has their very time to just dump out the madness of trying to sustain such a thing. It is too nieche in todays market to appeal to the masses. Sorry, but it is that way. No matter how much you love something, in the end it will be forgotten and gone. People move on. And with the many times I had rushes of Memories and pleasant times alas there are also the many bad and it had taken the upper hand.

Now Seriously, the Staff is divided and if it does not so much care for EE then the Heart of it will fade over time. As much as some of you who see what can be a greater threat to ones freedoms in the EU is as pitiful and remark on it like t will do neither is just to turn a honest blind eye.The EU IMO is not for the People, but itself and does not understand how to rule many Nations but to remake America with anti "We the People" mentality. If concern is met with disbelief and a sense of unjust untruth being spoken, how bout EE is great if you just do not have a good computer and enjoy playing something reanimated as a Zombie nothing else. Your heart is there for the Game, but it will die out for good. Just like the will to sacrafice of freedom for safety will take both from someone. But why be concerned right?

If this is seen as hateful, no take backsies. Not to be childish, but only clear. We as the People are too divided and weak to percieve different views and conerns to talk about it. We just condemn them and do what WE see as right. We become smaller and smaller groups fighting eachother for nothing. If you want your EE to become that, then it is not the EE that captured my Memory you try have reborn here. It is a MMORPG in which teamwork is key, but that takes People willing to unite. Yet we can cheese it as one and forgo all for we are better then everyone right?

None the less, your hopes to keep it up may aswell just fall as the actual Anubian War releases. Nothing saved, nothing preserved, Valkals Shadow will fade into nothing over time and Anubian War will follow. A divide has been cast on the People politically, in the fandoms and even in games... if that is our future I rather die knowing this: "Humanity is flawed by nature, but we embrace the flaws instead another Man. With it we create Societies of Malice, Slavery and Discord. What we need is to open to another, reason and be greater and we choose the easy route."

So farewell Anubian War, farewel Valkal's Shadow; for you will NOT be missed, not for being Memorable in the attempt but the execution of discord and malice among your Members.