Once more unto the breach...

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Once more unto the breach...

Hello out there, good to see that this community still has some life left in it.

I'm a returning player. I think I joined way back during the Winter Dawning event during the SPM days, which according to this site's well-collected history section was December 2009-ish (Wow, do I feel old just typing that!), which also means that I only got to play the game for about the last few months of its original run before things got shut down. I also joined on Terra Eternus shortly after and have since been poking my head in every once and awhile, though I never joined any of the private servers and didn't even have a clue this place existed until a few weeks ago.

I was Jovan Tharus (Fangren/Knight), Alatar Tharkun (Mage/Atavian), Dax Orillion (Foxen/Rogue) and Kinto Tezera (Lisian/Druid) during those days and a member of The Final Empire group, though the latter three characters, and said clan membership, were only made a short while before SPM closed down.

Hopefully, if I can get things in order, I might see you guys in-game, and if not at least I get to watch from the sidelines, cheer the devs on, and say hello to those new and old passing through.

So here's to the future.