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Art Contest!

To borrow from Sharlexia's announcement from the EE Discord Channel:

We're happy to announce the first of hopefully many Earth Eternal competitions!

There will be an art contest, with an end date on March 31, 2019. You can enter by creating art based on a place, people, group, or whatever from Earth Eternal and posting it in #competition-entries on the discord channel.

(You are allowed to submit them via the forums but the discord is preferred so it's easier to organize.)

The rules of the contest are simple:

>No gore

>No explicitly sexual themes

>Only one entry per person

Any kind of entry is fine of any skill level above stick figures/in-game screenshots. It could be a sketch, a coloured drawing, a shaded one, a painting or even a photo of a sculpture! However, stories/poems/other literature will not count - save those for a later date Wink

Be creative with your submissions!

There will be an in-game prize for the winner and the two runners up. We wish you the best of luck beasts!

Link/Invite to the Discord channel can be found here: