Did you have problems registering your account?

I am a little embarrassed to have to post this, but it appears that our account registration page for Earth Eternal - The Scourge Of Abidan has been broken for a while.

If you have managed to create an account and have logged on before, you can ignore this email, it doesn't apply to you

We are not entirely sure when this happened, but it could have been for as long as 2 months. We don't think it was, that is just worse case.

So, if you tried to register for your account at :-


.. and had trouble doing so, you were likely affected by this problem.

The good news is, we have now fixed this problem, and have taken steps to prevent it happening again.

 So if you still want to play, please do! Just go to the sign up page above and re-enter your key, and all will be well.