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Hello folks.  So first of I like to thank everyone for all the interest and support the games been getting even this late into game.  For those of you who don't remember the original version of Earth Eternal came out Octover 7th 2009.  Over the years there have been multiple rebirths of the game as it seems to always defy the odds! Our team has been honoured to keep this game alive over the past few years and build on the foundation that was layed by Sparkplay Media. It's amazing that 8 years later we still have people regularly knocking on the door wanting to log on and play. I've persoanlly spent hundreds of hours not only playing but helping develop many of the features and content that set us apart from the original game, and I think I can speak for my peers on the team that we couldn't even count the time invested because it's just to high Smile

Enough with the touchy feely though and I'll get to the point of this post.  Several months ago perhaps the most key member of our Dev team was called away for a family emergency ( which out of respect to them I won't elaborate on).  In addition to that we all seemed to be hit with something in RL that forced us to pull back from the Server,  which has ultimately delayed so much of  our work and now put us in the situation were in... Which is the unknown.

As most of you know all too well we havent been able to deliver new registration keys as our generator has been spitting out faulty keys.  As the list of interested players piled up higher and higher we realized the magnitude of the situation for the first time.

Currently our teams Admin has been away with personal business, and we are unsure on the time frame of their return.  It's possible that they may never be able to dedicate the time to properly run the server.  The main issue with this fact is that with out an Admin we can't alter the coding on the live server which prevents us from rectifying the registration key problem.  

Going forward we will not be giving out registration keys for Earth Eternal The Scourge of Abidan Server for the reasons listed above.

We apologize to everyone whos been patiently waiting to play.

THIS HOWEVER IS NOT THE END.  currently we are in a state of limbo awaiting the verdict of whether we'll be able to continue development or if we will have to close things up.  Myself and the rest of team will be dedicating our time to The Anubian War Server.

For those of you who don't know The Anubian War is our ambitious relaunch of Earth Eternal which will include many new features that you'd never have seen in SOA.  Content such as companions, interactive quests with multiple endings based on player choice, a compelling new storyline, A brand new crafting system and more, too much so to list.  Many of these features have been made and in development and thats where we will focus most of our time.  The rest will likely be on The Scourge of Abidan server which is currently the player server.  The Server will remain online indefinitely and those of you who have accounts are welcome to play.

I'll be online as often as possible to answer any questions any of you have regardling anything I just discussed! When we know for sure what the future of EE looks like I will be making a new post to bring everyone one up to speed Smile

Thanks again to all of you Smile hopefully this post is all for not and we can restore the team and bring you the next installment of Earth Eternal