A Vote on the Direction of EE

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A Vote on the Direction of EE

There are going to be some changes to EE in the coming expantion Earth Eternal The Anubian War or TAW. Many systems are going to be overhauled and changed from the current. I and a few others are opposed to said changes, however, I wanted to know what the rest of the comunity felt about how TAW should be released. In all cases TAW will be the main game and the only version to recieve proper updates and expansions.

There are currently three possiblities for releases. The question is which would you prefer?

1. "Classic VS + TAW" The game is kept in a perminant state of Earth Eternal Valkal's Shadow or VS (like it is now) with bug fixes being the only updates to VS and TAW being released seperate, that will get updated.

2. "VS + TAW" The game gains some of the TAW updates before being kept as a old version of EE that you can play (this will not be the same game we are playing now it will have some of the new systems that will be implemented in TAW) again this will recieve bug fixes but no new content and TAW will be released separate, that will get updated.

3. "VS -> TAW" The game changes from VS to TAW and you will only be able to play TAW, that will get updated.


NEW votes below - Sorry I was trigger happy

There is a vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/326TTVK

The results of said vote are here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-P798C3FG8/


Please have a convo below, this is the future of EE, make your voice heard and your opinion known!

Any and all questions are welcomed about the future of EE, and the VS / TAW updates!