Wolf Vandermark - So Glad this game is back again

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Wolf Vandermark - So Glad this game is back again

I can not believe this game is back. 

I started over from scratch since I can't log into my old account yet. 

I was looking for an MMO to play and just figured I'd see what this game had done. I remember when it was just me and a few others who played it and only one guy had a server for it. 

I can't wait to get back into playing this game and meeting all the old people who I used to play with. 

For all the new people who don't know me and for all the others I played with who need a refresher lol 

I'm Wolf Vandermark, now Wolf Vandermarkk until I get my old account back, I had a clan named Red Dragon Army. I believe we are #9 or #8 out of all the clans 

I had a level 32 Fangren Knight before the game got shut down. 


Oh, and if you remember me, let me know. I recognize a lot of names, 

I think I played with Emerald a lot back when Grove's were new and there were only 10 or less of us playing the game. 

I recognize Liska from the forums, however I don't remember if I ever played with you or not. 

Either way, its awesome to be back and to start leveling in this game. 

A big thank you to whoever decided to bring it back and do all the expansions. This game was truly timeless with the best online community I have ever seen.