Aureus Seitaro, Frost Mage, at your service

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Aureus Seitaro, Frost Mage, at your service

It occurs to me that despite having been around since SPM (and intermittently during PF and now more solidly in VS) that I haven't formally introduced myself anywhere, as I tend to just greet anyone who logs in. Having made level 50 recently, I feel I should express my intent to remain a reasonably active member of this community, and give a brief introduction.

I am Aureus Seitaro, a foxen, Frost Mage by both trade and class, and I am a firm believer that Magic is Everything. I have always loved the versatility and concept of ice magic. I am always thrilled to see other mages around as we seem to be a dying breed on EE, but I respect the skill and might of our less magically-inclined brethren (knights). I am always willing to lend a hand if I am around, be it with clearing a quest or just getting someplace or something. My knowledge of the land isn't as vast as Liska's, but I do know plenty of useful information. Never feel like you're bothering me for asking a "newb/noob question".

I can often and easily be found on the Discord server. As of now I am frequently available in my afternoons and evenings (5PM and later EST) to assist where needed, even if Discord says im doing something already.


My current projects are:

- Looking for one of two sword models. 100g bounty for either of these.

- New totem and amulet for level 47+ epic+. must have Psy and Con.

- Finding group members to storm Valkal's Blood Keep in Swineland.


I look forward to hearing from everyone!