Server and Website Down For Maintenance

The Scourge Of Abidan Server and The Anubian War website will be taken will be down for approximately 1 hour at 10 AM PDT (7PM CEST) to activate the new key registration system.

Once activated, new users will no longer need to contact a Sage to obtain a key to play the game, they can instead activate it themselves right from within this site.

Existing players will also be able to link their game accounts to their web site accounts. There is no immediate need to do this, but in the future it will be required to be able to do password resets and other account maintenance.

The Scourge Of Abidan - Now released for Open Beta


The IceEE Team are proud to announce general availability of the next instalment in the Earth Eternal saga, “The Scourge Of Abidan”. With the first whole new region since the days of Sparkplay, a heap of new quests, and two new dungeons for players to enjoy, there is something for everyone, new beasts and Planet Forever surviors alike.

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