The TAW Team is proud to announce the general availibility of the next installment in the Earth Eternal saga: “The Scourge Of Abidan”. With the first whole new region since the days of Sparkplay, a heap of new quests and two new dungeons for players to enjoy, there is something for everyone, new beasts and Planet Forever surviors alike.

Unlike The Anubian War, you can play The Scourge Of Abidan now! See below for further instructions.

The Plot

For centuries, the Folkirk Family fortune was founded in the Iron Mines east of the mining city of Alpenhold. Greedily they dug deeper decade after decade expanding their wealth unaware of the troubles that would eventually rise. When one of the miners broke through into what they thought was a natural cavern they all rejoiced. The Folkirk family, one of the richest noble houses in the fertile mining region of Grunes Tal, expected to become even richer as they believed their miners had hit upon a particularly special location likely rich in untouched ore. Little did any know that the miners had dug just a little too deep and had accidentally opened a path linking the surface world to the UnderRealm itself. The Metalich Abidan (Servant to Djall himself) soon became aware of this new path to the surface and massed his forces to it. It wasn't long before Abidan's hordes of Undead began to pour out, taking the unsuspecting Beasts of Grunes Tal by surprise. They tried to hold the mine as best they could, but to no avail. The Scourge of Abidan seemed endless, quickly overwhelming the city of Alpenhold and, eventually, the vast majority of Grunes Tal itself. Two hundred years later, the now-cursed land is plagued with a dark fog and the foul stench of the long dead - those unfortuante souls left to die by all those who somehow managed to escape. Created long ago to fight both the Vampires and Abidan's Undead hordes, the group known as the Redeemers set up a small stronghold within Grunes Tal where, even today, they fend off the Undead, thereby preventing them, for the most part, from reaching far beyond the borders of that cursed region. They are fully dedicated to reclaiming the lands lost to any and all unliving and restore them to Beastkind. Even still, the forces of the Redeemers are split thanks to the actions of the Blood Kingdom in neighboring Swineland and only a number of them currently defend their small fortress within Grunes Tal. Grunes Tal is in desperate need of a hero to rise up and help drive back the Scourge before the undead plague can spread to the other lands of Europe.

The Dungeons

Folkirk Manor: The once-elegant hilltop mansion in the heart of Grunes Tal, which was once home to the infamous Folkirk family for generations, is now one of the most dreadful places in all of Europe. When the Scourge of Abidan began, this cold and cruel noble family was sure the matter would be dealt with quickly, so they chose not to leave. Instead, the Folkirks barricaded themselves, along with their servants that were lucky enough, inside the Mansion to wait things out. Fate can be ironic at times, though, as neither locked doors nor boarded windows could save the Folkirks in the end as their own cruelty and coldheartedness toward the less fortunate Beasts left to die by the merciless Undead hordes of Abidan, also became their own undoing. The entire Folkirk family, along with all their servants, eventually succombed to the Scourge's power - though this was due to their own dark hearts rather than Abidan's hordes. Living as a different, yet still powerful, sort of Undead, the Folkirks are locked in their family tomb beneath the mansion.

The Wailing Crypt: This massive catacomb is the site of many of Grunes Tal's dead. The Wailing Crypt earns it's famous name from the restless spirit that lurks deep inside the tomb. The Revenant known as the Wailer was once one of the wealthiest people in the region. Many who thought themselves brave enough have tried to reach and vanquish the Wailer for rewards and treasures that have said to lay inside. Very few have escaped with their lives and none have been able to harm the spectre. It is rumored that the Wailer is not bound to the physical realm and therefore material weapons pass right through his ghostly ectoplasm.

The Credit Shop

The Credit shop is our in game and out of game store where unique items can be purchased using our special currency known as Credits, as well as hybrid costs of credits and in game currency (gold, silver, copper). The Shop is limited so far but expect to see much of it expanded upon as time goes on.

A commonly asked question that I'll answer here “Can we purchase Credits or Credit Shop items with real money OR support you guys by making donations?”

ANSWER: Although we are thrilled to have so many people offer to donate funds to help us better the game or reward us for our efforts, we will not be offering a real time money payable system nor will we be accepting donations at this time. Although many private servers do accept donations, and it is another legal loop hole in the gaming world, we are not doing this for profit as it is much more of a passion project and a hobby. TurnOut Ventures has long since abandoned the MMORPG industry and probably the rights as well; but legally, they still own the IP for Earth Eternal. They have, through mostly silent acknowlegment of our existence, given us the green light to run our server; but, we do not want to attract any more attention then we have from them.

Other Stuff!

We have also been hard at work adding new things, or completing features that were not available on the Planet Forever server. This is just a small taste, a teaser if you will, of what is to come and we have many more fun and useful things planned for our future expansions. There are too many changes to list here, but below are some of the more noteworthy ones.

  • Daily rewards. Earn credits and rewards by logging on every day.
  • Transformation potions. Get around faster.
  • Delivery boxes and postage stamps. Send items to your other characters or friends.
  • New “Temporary Charms” are now available from the Credit Shop!
  • Party loot modes are now working, with a new addition “Loot Master”.
  • Get help! /petition and /bug are now active. If you find a bug or have an issue to bring to the Sages while in game, please make use of these commands. That's what they are there for!
  • Clickable links in Chat (for web pages and forum links).
  • More character slots (up to a maximum of 8). Extra slots may be purchased in the Credit Shop.
  • Ear size and tail size are now selectable during character creation (you may ask a Sage if you want your existing tail or ear size changed).

Download The Client

Before you continue, now is a good time to download our new client installer. We recommend uninstalling your previous Planet Forever client if you played that version of Earth Eternal when it was online.

Make sure you download the client for The Scourge Of Abidan, as the client for the upcoming release, The Anubian War, is not compatible.

Create Your Game Account

If you have not already done so, you must first Register on the The Anubian War site and ensure you are logged in.
Go to your your Account page. At the bottom of the page, you will see 2 buttons. Click on Request Key, and you will be asked to choose a Game Username, Game Password or Default Grove Name. If successful, a green success message will be displayed. You can view your linked game accounts at any time on your Account page.
Thats it. You can now start the client you installed, and use your Game Username and Game Password when prompted to login.

Create Account!

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