In spite of it's many issues over the years, Earth Eternal has had, for better or worse, many people and groups involved with both it and it's community. This website would not be complete without giving due recognition to those who spent months or even years trying to make Earth Eternal a MMORPG that is both unique and full of life. The Anubian War would not exist were it not for the efforts, hard work and/or influences of many of those listed below.


Iron Realms Entertainment/Sparkplay Media Inc.

Matt Mihaly aka "Aurelius" aka "Slug God" aka "Chetwood Northlake" aka "The Dude" - CEO Iron Realms Entertainment, Former CEO Sparkplay Media Inc. - Not enough can be said about Matt's efforts with Earth Eternal. Matt is the one responsible for creating the fantastic lore backstory to establish the game's setting along with sitting at the helm of the original company during it's entire run. Much of what is seen in the game itself came from Matt's hard work. No version of Earth Eternal would have existed were it not for Matt's indellible vision that shaped both the Lore and the game world.

John Yoo aka "Yoonity" - Lead Designer of Earth Eternal (February 2010-August 2010) - Although many players have blamed John Yoo for the many changes seen in the final three patches under Sparkplay Media, it was actually John's work that began to turn the game around for Sparkplay Media in it's final months. Had SPM survived, there is a strong chance we would have seen exactly what John had planned as the Lead Designer of the game.

Andrew Sipotz aka "Piggypops" aka "Piggypops Rockstar" aka "Piggypops Bandicoon" aka "Matt Daemon" aka "Exterminator Porkins" aka "Starslayer" - SPM Community Manager of Earth Eternal (June 2009-end of August 2010), TOV Lead Designer of Earth Eternal (late 2010-August 2011) - Although many players have blamed Andrew in the past for some of his actions during his time as both the Community Manager in the Sparkplay days as well as some of those made later on as the Lead Designer under TurnOut Ventures, the fact still remains that Andrew has played a major role in shaping Earth Eternal and all of these are to his credit. Andrew's desire to carry on Matt's vision as well as all his hard work should not be overlooked and should be applauded even if his efforts were not successful.

Chris Turner - SPM Art Director of Earth Eternal (2009?-August 2010), TOV Art Director of Earth Eternal (late 2010-August 2011) - Chris Turner is noted as the figure behind much of the concept art of Earth Eternal as well as many of the prop assets within the game itself. He is also noted for being one of the only two SPM developers interviewed on their shortlived 'developer diaries' series called 'Earth Internal'. Like several of his co-workers including Andrew, Chris would be among those SPM developers who transistioned over to TurnOut Ventures following the demise of Sparkplay.

Derek McDevitt - SPM Game Designer of Earth Eternal (early 2009-August 2010) - Derek McDevitt's role in Sparkplay Media included the creation of the player abilities within Earth Eternal as well as many of the items found in the game. He is also noted as being one of the two developers interviewed on SPM's shortlived 'developer diaries' series called 'Earth Internal'. Like the rest of the Sparkplay Media developers, Derek would be let go in early August 2010 when SPM declared bankruptcy. It is currently not known if he was among those who transitioned over to TurnOut Ventures or if he found other employment after departing Sparkplay.

(real name withheld out of respect) aka "Shane Sparkplay" aka "Spark Player" aka "Sparker" - SPM Software Enginneer of Earth Eternal (2008?-August 2010), TOV (Outblaze) Software Engineer of Earth Eternal (late 2010-August 2011) - Shane's contribution to Earth Eternal is perhaps the largest outside of Matt himself as it was Shane who actually built the game itself and maintained it. As with all other developers at Sparkplay Media, Shane was let go when the company went bankrupt. He would be among those hired by TurnOut Ventures and worked at their Outblaze offices in Hong Kong where he continued to work on and maintain Earth Eternal during it's Ikimonogatari and Earth Eternal Reborn iterations. Like Andrew and others, Shane left TOV after the EE project was shelved by the company in August 2011.

"Ivan" - SPM Community Manager of Earth Eternal (October 2008-end of 2008?/beginning 2009?) - Not much is known about Ivan except that he joined Sparkplay as its very first Community Manager around October 2008 and remained until either just before or just after the new year, 2009. While he did connect with the EE Community during his short stint with Sparkplay, he would depart when better employment had been found elsehwere.

"Wyerd" - SPM Community Manager of Earth Eternal (mid-April 2009-mid-May 2009)- Like Ivan, not much is known about Wyerd except that she lasted only a month at Sparkplay. Being the second Community Manager after Ivan's departure several months earlier, much was expected of Wyerd. Unfortunately, Wyerd's time at Sparkplay was brief as she was quickly dismissed from the company for confidential reasons. Andrew Sipotz would replace her as SPM's third and final Community Manager a month later.

"GM Asp" aka "Asp Koneko" aka "Asp Terra" aka "Asp"  - Lead Game Manager of Earth Eternal (until July 2009) and Game Manager (July 2009-August 2010) - One of only two known Earth Sages to have actually been employed at Sparkplay Media, Asp lead the Earth Sages early on until giving up her lead role to Damiana for the majority of Sparkplay's run. Asp is also credited with being the creator of the Earth Sage program and the one who actually created the Earth Sage toolset for moderating the game. Following Sparkplay Media's demise, Asp would later reprise her Lead GM role for the duration of TurnOut Ventures' reboot of Earth Eternal Reborn; however, it is unknown if she was employed by them or simply reprised her GM role as a volunteer.

Laurel (surname unknown) aka "Dami" aka "Lead GM Storm Damiana" aka "The Damiana" aka "Fable Damiana" aka "Jericho Damiana" aka "Antonio Damiana" - Lead Game Manager of Earth Eternal (July 2009-August 2010) - One of only two known Earth Sages to have actually been employed at Sparkplay Media. After taking the Lead GM position, 'Storm' Damiana would be responsible for many of the Earth Sage events seen throughout Sparkplay's run. She would be the only Earth Sage interviewed on EE Radio toward the end of SPM and was a favorite Sage among the players thanks to her open willingness to roleplay with many of them.

"brickdealer" aka "Brick Dealer" - Sparkplay Marketing (2009?-2010) - During the majority of Sparkplay's run from at least 2009 onwards, brickdealer, the "Sparkplay Marketing Guy" is best remembered for the many announcements he would post up on the forums. Whether it was information regarding the next Patch release of Earth Eternal, the latest Credit Shop or Credit offers to be had or the latest interviews from other sites covering EE, brickdealer was the one who often shared this information with the players on the Earth Eternal website. If anything, any news that Piggypops had yet to announce, more often than not, it was brickdealer who picked up the slack.

"Shazbawt" aka "Shazbot Sparkplay" aka "Shazbawt Sparkplay" - This Sparkplay employee's exact role in the company is largely unknown. Even still, Shazbawt managed to influence the game by choosing to randomly transform various players, purportedly at their request, into different mobs or bosses found in the game while chatting with a group of them in Camelot soon after the fateful announcement of Sparkplay's demise. At the time of this incident, Shazbawt had already been let go along with all other SPM employees. Various posts he would make on both EE's website and later on EEF/TE's website would reveal that Shazbawt was unremorseful of the act and insisted that it was 'all in fun'.

Nixon - Matt Mihaly's dog - Although Nixon's role with Earth Eternal was more or less miniscule to non-existent, many players from the Sparkplay days cannot forget the many mentions of her during more than a few of Matt's posts on the forums or of the occasional pictures of her he posted. In many ways, Nixon was more or less an unofficial mascot of Sparkplay Media and her tiny role as such should not be forgotten.

Although we do not have their real names or their exact roles while at Sparkplay Media, many SPM employees were known ingame by the fact their characters had 'Sparkplay' as their last names while others used more creative ingame aliases. These individuals include, but are not limited to the following:

"Martin Sparkplay"

"Udon Sparkplay"

"Patrick Sparkplay"

"Hanlong Sparkplay"

"Ryne Sparkplay"

"Kur Bonecrusher"

"Warmaster Talika"

"Rick Springfield"

"Jerry Garcia"

"Kahl Stormdrinker"

"Mouthlock Shotbolt"

"Ares Warrior"

"Leaflock Baker"

"The Gooch"

"Brand Whisperpad"

"Mill Killer"

"Fat Goat"

"Joey Ramos"

"Ranaelle Rightmane"

"Blueye Barentine"

"Freddy Yeti"

"Sir Rodent"

"Archer Stonehead"

"Stinky Bathwater"

"Merfin Ravager"

"Lisian McGuire"

All the other former IRE and/or SPM employees whose names have not been mentioned - Don't worry guys, we might not have your names available or exactly what you worked on during your time with Iron Realms and/or Sparkplay, but, rest assured, you are ALL given your due credit in creating a unique and special game.


Most Earth Sages known throughout Sparkplay's run were often players carefully selected by Sparkplay and given special Sage accounts separate from their player accounts. They were often told not to reveal their player identities to the public so as to avoid complications or accusations of favoritism. These individuals include, but are not limited to, the following:

"Sage Bova Bovidar" aka "Boss Inoshishi" aka "Sage Bova" aka "Sage Riptor Kyouryuu" - This Sage was one of those that joined in the latter days of Sparkplay Media's run. She was one of the many volunteers chosen among the players to become an Earth Sage and retained this role until the closure of SPM's version of the game. When TOV ran things, she reprised her role as Sages Bova and Riptor during EER and possibly in Ikimonogatari as well. This Sage was one of the few known during Earth Eternal Reborn alongside Asp and Emerald Darkclaw. Like most Sages, she was usually very friendly and helpful though tended to keep to herself often. Like the other known Sages during EER, though, Bova/Riptor remained until the end and would last be seen in that version's final days. Most recently, though, Bova/Riptor has resurfaced on our VS server as her player persona. This is the first time since the end of Earth Eternal Reborn that Bova has made a reappearance. Bova Bovidar, Boss Inoshishi and Riptor Kyouryuu were all revealed to be player Queen Hogg.

"Emerald Darkclaw" - Not to be confused with our resident icecoon Admin, this Emerald was one of the many volunteer Earth Sages during the Sparkplay Media days and he would reprise this role in the TOV days when Earth Eternal Reborn came online. Emerald's biggest role during EER was that of forum Moderator and is best remembered, both for good and ill, for his decision to ruthlessly go after any sort of forum posts or threads that might cause flames or pass information deemed inappropriate on the EER forums. Because of Emerald's very aggressive approach to keeping the EER forums 'clean' of problems, many players turned their flames toward Emerald directly both during the course of EER's run and after it.

Among those purportedly 'censored' by Emerald Darkclaw were several notable players, along with the player who would open up the Planet Forever server a bit over half a year following EER's closure. Emerald's habit of both editing and actually deleting posts made on the EER forums resulted in a group of players hanging out on Jackuul's EEF/TE fansite to shamefully openly mock this hardworking Sage/Moderator with their 'Emerald Edit' thread. While it may be true that Emerald's approach to moderating the EER forums in a less than tactful or even respectful way might have indicated a poor sense of judgment or some sort of 'whitewashing' campaign on the part of TOV (which is still unproven to this day btw), the fact remains that Emerald's overall impact on the game is still very much remembered even long after the final days of EER. Emerald Darkclaw would last be seen in EER on its final day online.

"Elder Hart" aka "Elder Broccan" - These Sages would later be revealed to be none other than player Basselope, the SPM/TOV Moderator and Tech Support helper.

"Sage Feantur Groddil" aka "Tur Brethil"

"Sage Amoz Etryn"

"Sage Parcus Mentor" aka "Sage Parcus" aka "Parcus Noctura"

"Hot Topic"

"Earth Oracle"

"Constance Terraegis" aka "Constance Philomath"

"Musashi Kyubi" aka "Musashi Nezumi"

"Constant Cartographer" - This Sage may very well have been player McSpeedfreak due to the fact McSpeedfreak was the one who created many of the dungeon maps during Sparkplay Media's run.

"Tesla Coil" aka "Tesla Koil" aka "Tesla Byte" aka "Tesla Rossa"

"Sage Tee"

"Urgan Nagru"

"Nexxie Lost"

"Miles Highwood"

"Strawbain Leaflock"

"Mystarch Touka"

"Imma Watchinya"

"Atreyu Sharpeye"

"Occams Razor"

"Sage Lucien Zaral" - This Sage would be revealed to be player Danny Dumal.


Chasing the Sun Productions

Jeff Simmons aka "Vanrey Ven" - Chasing the Sun Productions - Most anyone who has ever played Earth Eternal at any point in time knows it's unique music and sound effects. All of these, save for some of the newest pieces added to the game in the most recent versions of EE, were composed by Jeff Simmons and his studio Chasing the Sun Productions during Sparkplay Media's run. It is the beautiful and entrancing soundtrack pieces that Jeff composed that many players associate with Earth Eternal when they think of the game's different music scores. Perhaps the one and only detriment to be mentioned regarding the charming full musical scores is that they were never looped in the game. Other than this rather unfortunate issue, Jeff Simmons' whimsical sound effects and beautiful music pieces, even now, bring depth and immersion to a game that has had a rather rocky history in all it's incarnations.


Turner Entertainment and Outblaze (TurnOut Ventures Inc.)

Like with the many Iron Realms and Sparkplay employees we do not have names to, all of those not named here (including those SPM employees who went on to work at TOV) are still given due credit in reviving Earth Eternal officially. While many of you were later reassigned to other projects early in EER's run, all of you worked hard to keep the game alive one more time while also honoring an existing contract between Sparkplay and Sankando.

We must also recognize that Turner Entertainment(now Turner Entertainment/AT&T) under their Outblaze subsidiary, via the TurnOut Ventures branding, is the current entity who legally owns the intellectual property of Earth Eternal. While they have not chosen to do anything with the game's IP in almost a full decade, we must still respect the fact all legal rights to it belong to them. So long as Turner/AT&T chooses to take no action against our private server's existence, we will continue to remain here and keep Earth Eternal alive.


Sankando Inc.

Like with most of those involved with EE from Iron Realms, Sparkplay and TurnOut, we do not have the names of those individuals at Sankando who worked hard on the Japanese version of EE, Ikimonogatari, and hosting it for that region. Even still, all of you are given your due credit for your efforts and hard work on the title in spite of the problems that ultimately resulted in both the closure of Iki and, later, the demise of Sankando.


The 'Planet Forever' private EE Server

The Former Admin of Planet Forever (Known aliases withheld out of due respect) - He was a former player who managed to get hold of the Earth Eternal game assets during both Sparkplay's run and TOV's two versions. The private server that he ultimately created became Earth Eternal's new chance at life after the demise of Iki/EER. PF's admin was at one point dubbed 'The Rebuilder' during his server's run as he is credited with completely restoring Earth Eternal to a near perfect condition as remembered during the Sparkplay days. His server used a combination of both SPM and TOV assets and players connected to it using a modified version of the SPM Patch 0.8.6 client.

Planet Forever's Admin is also credited with actually adding in many features players had asked for but never received in any official version of the game along with other features never seen ingame before. These include: Groves, a randomized item system, scaled dungeons, legendary ranked equipment, advanced crafting, elite mobs, and the repurposing of various mechanics as well as adding new ones in. It is also thanks to PF's former Admin that our server exists as, without his decision to release the EE assets to the public domain at the end of his server's run, we wouldn't be here.


The 'IceEE', the 'Earth Eternal - The Scourge Of Abidan', the 'Earth Eternal - Valkal's Shadow' and the 'Earth Eternal - The Anubian War' private EE Servers

Credit goes to all currently here who work hard in our free time to keep Earth Eternal's flame lit.


Jagex and Runescape

Now, we're sure you're probably wondering why a company and a game completely unrelated to Earth Eternal is listed here. The reason is simple: During the early days of the Sparkplay Media Open Beta of Earth Eternal, a group of players took it upon themselves to proclaim Earth Eternal as the game that would 'kill' Jagex's flagship MMORPG Runescape. Surprisingly, Sparkplay Media itself seemed to actually endorse this idea even going so far as to create a website called This misguided idea, along with the website, remained until the demise of Sparkplay Media almost a year later. Following Sparkplay's demise, none other than Jagex itself purchased all web domains involved with Because of the ironic twist behind these circumstances, although small, both Jagex and their famed MMO Runescape have had an impact on Earth Eternal's history and this irony should not be forgotten.


Notable Players of Earth Eternal Past and Present

There have been an uncountable number of players who have experienced Earth Eternal in at least one or more of it's versions from the Sparkplay days through our current Valkal's Shadow and The Anubian War servers. Those listed below are some of the more notable players in Earth Eternal's long history. Although most of them have since come and gone, their roles in influencing and impacting Earth Eternal, the Communities around it or both, no matter how large or small, for the better or the worse, are not forgotten.


"Bifacial" - One of the first members of the Earth Eternal Community way back when Iron Realms Entertainment still ran things, Bifacial was quite active on the fledgling EE forums during the first years of EE's life. Bifacial's biggest contribution was compiling Matt Mihaly's EE Lore chapters into the first known pdf document even before Matt was finished with writing the latter half of the Age of Legend chapters. With Matt's official endorsement, this early pdf of the Lore was posted up on the EE website for the early EE community to download and read. Bifacial remained an active forum member at least through EE's alpha period under Sparkplay Media. It is unknown as to exactly when Bifacial departed from the EE community, though it was likely either just prior to Closed Beta, sometime during it, or sometime during the early Open Beta. Even still, Bifacial's early contribution to EE's history is an important one.

"Semfir" - Also one of the earliest members of the Earth Eternal Community, Semfir was quite the outspoken player. Having been a long time player of a number of Iron Realms titles including Achaea, Semfir placed high expectations on Matt's newest venture. A self-proclaimed 'grammar nazi' on the EE forums, even early on, Semfir was perhaps one of the most active early players on the forums. He would remain active from the early days of EE's life up through the first months of Sparkplay's Open Beta. Semfir is noted to have been the player with the highest accumulation of Community Points on the 'new' SPM EE forums and retained this position for the remainder of Sparkplay's run. Like many other players, Semfir joined Jackuul's EEF/TE fansite after SPM announced it was dead, but, was only partially active by this point. Although Semfir would reappear for a short time during TurnOut's two versions of EE, it became quite obvious the game's 'magic' had already begun to die and Semfir soon departed for the last time.

"Basselope" - One of the oldest players of Earth Eternal, Basselope joined very very early on when EE was still considered an Iron Realms Entertainment title, prior to the switchover to Sparkplay Media. He would go on to become a Moderator and would often be seen on the SPM forums helping players with their many technical issues and problems. Basselope would assist players so often that some players mistakenly believed he was a Sparkplay employee. He continued in this role until Sparkplay's untimely demise. Basselope would resume his role as a volunteer during Ikimonogatari's early days, only to switch over to Earth Eternal Reborn where he regained his position as Moderator and continued to assist players up through EER's final days. Basselope was also one of the Earth Sages during Sparkplay's run, going by the name Elder Hart.

"Kaji" aka "Kaji Hitsu" - An early player of the Sparkplay era, Kaji is noted for creating the first official player group in Earth Eternal. Long before Sparkplay's Closed Beta, Kaji formed a group on the EE forums called 'The Furry Group' and invited absolutely anyone who wanted to join to sign up. Kaji's 'The Furry Group' would later be given an ingame incarnation which he would lead for a time before departing Earth Eternal, leaving the clan version of TFG to player Temrin Sanjem who would lead it for the remainder of Sparkplay's run and would be instrumental in the clan's brief revival during both of TurnOut's versions of Ikimonogatari and Earth Eternal Reborn.

"McSpeedfreak" aka "Brod Naj" - McSpeedfreak was originally a strong supporter of Earth Eternal. During Sparkplay's Open Beta, he became EE's unofficial cartographer when he took the time to painstakingly map out many of the game's dungeon instances as these never had official maps. He kept these maps posted up on both his clan's website and his own website named 'Sentinels' in addition to the EE website. McSpeedfreak is also noted as one of the creators of Earth Eternal Radio which was emceed by player Kitty Bock. After Sparkplay's demise, McSpeedfreak's interest in Earth Eternal began to wane. What interest remained finally faded during the course of TurnOut's versions of Iki/EER and his old website Sentinels soon passed to history.

"Temrin Sanjem" - Member, then later clan leader, of The Furry Group, Temrin was a very active player throughout most of the SPM Open Beta. Like most clans, Temrin's Furry Group helped to catalog the armor sets and, like several of them, occasionally held 'naked parties' in various locations in the game. As a member of The Furry Group, Temrin often assisted Kaji with organizing clan meetings and dungeon runs. After Kaji's departure, Temrin was given full rein over TFG, a role which she would retain from that point on. Under Temrin, The Furry Group would go on to become one of the top five largest clans in Earth Eternal. Due to a dispute within the clan at one point, several members, led by Danny Dumal, would split from TFG to form The Furry Inquisition. In spite of this, Temrin continued to be very active as both a player and a clan leader.

Following SPM's demise, Temrin made the migration to EEF/TE and she continued to be very active up until the rumors regarding Ikimonogatari began to surface. After a short dornancy, Temrin became active again around the time both Iki, and later EER, came online. Unfortunately, like with the other clans in EE, while Temrin had re-established The Furry Group in EER and continued to be active in spite of the many issues in that version, as soon as it became apparent that EER was doomed, both she and TFG would depart the server. Temrin would also be among the group in EER that would learn some of the plans Piggypops and the other former SPM, now TOV devs had planned for Iki and EER right from Piggy's own words. She would be among the last few players remaining with EER when the server came down.

Temrin would later resurface again early in Planet Forever's run, yet would disappear once more until much later on. She would reappear again soon after our servers came online and would play from time to time. Due to being kept busy with other affairs, as it was during PF and prior, Temrin struggled to find time to play. Her artistic talents have also given Temrin volunteer access to the TAW/VS developer team where she has both offered and been asked to use those talents to help us out as she is able. While partly active on the EE Discord server, it is mostly to promote her artistic pursuits, being kept too busy to play Earth Eternal these days. It is hoped she will one day find a little bit of time to enjoy Earth Eternal once again.

"Jack Ceasar" aka "Jackuul" aka "Apocalypsis" - Clan leader of the clan 'Fangren and Friends' during Sparkplay's run, Jackuul is noted for several things. His clan was among those who painstakingly cataloged many of the armor sets before, during and after the changes made to them. Jackuul would go on to create a 'refuge' website for EE players following the announcement that Sparkplay Media was dead and that Earth Eternal was going to be auctioned off. Jackuul's website, originally called Earth Eternal Forever, but later renamed TerraEternus, became one of the last bastions for fans of the game. Several of his former clanmates would be appointed as Moderators of EEF/TE as well. EEF/TE would also see a few lows when the community became divided over quite a number of issues during TurnOut's two versions.

Many flamewars stopped on EER's forums often either originated or continued on EEF/TE's forums. It would also be on this very website that a certain player would reveal his secret project 'Planet Forever' to the few players left after Iki/EER's closures. Although Jackuul's interest in Earth Eternal has since vanished near completely, at least for now, his website remains online even though it has been mostly dead for the past seven years or so. It is one of the longest running Earth Eternal fansites still around, though recent events may finally be signaling the end of this long-running EE fansite. Most recently, Jackuul has renamed himself "Apocalypsis" on the TE website.

"Wolf Chronos" - Clan leader of the clan 'Failboat' during the SPM Closed Beta, he would reform the clan in Open Beta and rename it 'Heroes Reborn'. Wolf's clan would become notable for being perhaps the most elite and exclusive of all EE clans during the Sparkplay days as most of the top level players were members of Heroes Reborn at one time or other. He was often received by many other players in a mixed way because of his clan's seeming 'elitism' throughout the SPM era due to their ever stringent policy of 'no player under level 40 can join'. This policy often made the other clans more attractive to players, yet Wolf's clan would wind up with many notables in its ranks. Wolf, himself, would remain active until the latter patches of SPM. He would be among the players who would ragequit following the debacle of Patch 0.8.8 and its aftermath; however, like many others, Wolf briefly returned following the announcement that Sparkplay was dead. He made brief appearances on EEF/TE following SPM's demise, but, his participation on the fansite was limited. He would for a brief time reprise his role as clan leader of HR during Iki/EER, but, vanished for the last time along with his clan when it became apparent EER was doomed. He has not been seen since.

"Zod Deepfury" - Although a rather outspoken critic during Sparkplay's run, player Zod Deepfury is most notable for creating and running one of the first Earth Eternal fansites: Like Basselope, Zod was a Volunteer Moderator, yet due to player assumptions even before Open Beta, ended up placing a signature on his profile to indicate that he was not a Sparkplay employee. Zod Deepfury is also known to have created at least two fan videos of Earth Eternal: A holiday event entry that played Weird Al's song "Christmas At Ground Zero" and a video 'EE protest song' titled "Wake Me Up When This Beta Ends", which itself is a parody of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends", made barely weeks prior to the announcement of Sparkplay's demise. Zod's interest in Earth Eternal faded rather quickly though he stuck around even late in Sparkplay's run. He briefly held out hope that the new company that purchased the game after Sparkplay's demise would do better; but, after seeing the changes in TurnOut's versions, Zod lost all interest in the game and his website would become one of the first EE fansite casualties.

"Danny Dumal" - Clan leader of the clan 'The Furry Inquisition' during Sparkplay's run, Danny was perhaps one of the most vocal players during that time. His clan, which had splintered off from The Furry Group due to an internal dispute early in Open Beta, became one of the largest in the game in it's own right. Like many of the top clans, Danny's Furry Inquisition helped catalog many armor sets. Following Sparkplay's demise, Danny surprised everyone on the EEF/TE fansite by revealing that he had secretly been one of the Earth Sages. He would very briefly reform TFI during Iki/EER but was among those who quickly left due to the 'expectations' of TOV's two versions of the game, most notably the EER version. Although he would make a few brief appearances in Planet Forever, Danny's overall interest in Earth Eternal appeared to be more 'just peeking in for nostalgia' than anything else. His last appearance was several months prior to the closure of Planet Forever and he has not reappeared since.

"Volvox" aka "Ronath Anuhir" - Being both the clan leader of the Nomad's Clan and a strong supporter of Earth Eternal during Sparkplay's run, Volvox was quite outspoken both ingame and on the EE forums in spite of the many problems that plagued SPM up through it's untimely demise. His clan is among several noted for holding many so-called 'naked parties' held in the Anglorum region out of fun. Volvox is also credited with being one of the players who actually attempted to host unofficial player events to help keep things interesting ingame. Late in Sparkplay's run, Volvox, along with player Diby Doo, very briefly picked up McSpeedfreak's cartography project and mapped out two or three smaller instances that McSpeed himself had not mapped out. Following Sparkplay's announcement of it's demise and the sale of Earth Eternal, Volvox would be one of the more outspoken defenders of the game on the EEF/TE fansite.

For a time, Volvox would be given Moderator status on Jackuul's website due to his staunch defense and support of EE. Volvox is also credited for painstakingly posting up all parts of the EE Lore, every Race Lore for each player race as well as their images onto the EEF/TE fansite. Sadly, following the announcement of Ikimonogatari and the 'preview images' of the character models which at that time were still not yet confirmed, Volvox found himself numbered among those players who came to believe Earth Eternal as they knew it was dead. Only weeks prior to Iki opening up to players, Volvox finally lost faith in EE, gave up his Moderator status on the EEF/TE fansite and left. He would make very rare visits to the fansite thereafter before finally vanishing completely.

"Village Idiote" - Clan leader of the clan 'Villain's Absolved', Village Idiote was one of the most aggressive grinder players in the Sparkplay days. Village's clan was among the top clans in Earth Eternal, having several top players in it's ranks including Village himself. It would be revealed following Sparkplay's demise that Village Idiote was, in fact, the highest level player of them all, being the one and only player to reach level 55 toward the end. Village would later state that not only had he reached 55, but, he was very close to reaching level 56, yet never made it before the SPM servers shut down. Both he and Villain's Absolved would surface again on both the Iki and EER versions and Village would be one of the few to reach the cap level of 50 before EER shut down. As most other clans dissolved once more after EER began to literally fall apart, Village's clan would be one of the last remaining, even actually absorbing many 'survivors' from most of the other clans. Village would reappear one more time on the Planet Forever private server in it's early days; but, following a dispute with another player some weeks later, he departed the server and has yet to make another reappearance.

"Ripper McGee" aka "Croak Andagger" - One of the early players in the Sparkplay days, Ripper McGee was quick to be outspoken as to the overall direction of the game. Being one of those who could see problems arising early on, Ripper often went out of his way to suggest ways for Sparkplay to improve Earth Eternal so that it would become more profitable for the company as well as more fun for the players themselves. After Sparkplay's demise, Ripper posted up a list of suggestions onto Jackuul's EEF/TE website in the hopes the buyer of Earth Eternal would read the post and take his suggestions as friendly advice from one who knew the existing game rather well. After Earth Eternal Reborn came online, Ripper copy/pasted his EEF/TE post onto the EER forums in the hopes the devs would take his input into consideration; however, once it became known that both of TurnOut's versions of EE were dying, Ripper would be one of the early players to jump ship. In an interesting twist, though, his suggestions made back then have managed to echo into the present as a number of those same suggestions would come to life during Planet Forever and beyond. In a surprising turn of events, Ripper McGee would reappear for the first time since EER's run during a Twitch livestream of a The Scourge Of Abidan playthrough done by none other than Piggypops himself in December 2016.

"Heuwyn" aka "Yon Fildibeck" aka "Takumi Tanuki" - Member of the clan Heroes Reborn throughout most of the Sparkplay days, Yon Fildibeck is best remembered as that quirky Anura mage with a strange sense of fashion and heavy firepower. Like many of his clanmates, Yon helped to catalog many of the armor sets in the game even through all the changes that Sparkplay made in the latter months of it's run. Yon would be one of the personalities interviewed on Earth Eternal Radio and, following Sparkplay's demise, would go on to form a sort of 'successor' to EE Radio called 'Heartwood Tower Voice'. Yon was a rather vocal player on the EEF/TE fansite during the time period between SPM's end and the start of TurnOut's versions.

For much of the time following Sparkplay EE's end, Yon, along with several others, would secretly help a certain player sort out EE's assets, even going so far as actually recreating Old Corsica from scratch by pure memory alone. Avoiding the debacles of Iki/EER for the most part due to his refusal to play on those servers, Yon would reappear after the Planet Forever private server was opened to the public a year after those versions came and went. Being one of the PF Admin's 'helpers' going by the name 'Takumi Tanuki' at this point, Yon spent his time in his grove building or out and about assisting players or just chatting in region. Eventually, Yon would help restore Camelot's outer wall and it's Market based on memory along with restoring the building atop the Eiffel Tower in Heartwood. Around the same time that his Takumi persona was abandoned, Yon reappeared as Yon Fildibeck once more. This time, Yon rapidly grinded to the top levels while trying hard to recreate his original 'now-iconic' look. Unfortunately, following a failed attempt at a new way of partying up for quests along with both a messed up refashion attempt and a few shenanigans later on, Yon would depart both Planet Forever and Earth Eternal for the last time.

"Appolonia Iceflow" aka "Avaline Cai" - Unlike many players during the Sparkplay days, Appolonia Iceflow was not as outspoken about things. She was, however, a very active member of her clan. Following Sparkplay's demise, Appolonia became numbered among those players secretly helping sort out EE's assets gathered by the future PF admin. Because of this and other things outside EE, Appolonia seemed to just vanish into EE history for a very long time. She would not reappear until Planet Forever was opened up over half a year following the end of Iki/EER's run. During PF's early days, Appolonia was known by the name 'Avaline Cai' and, like most of the Admin's 'helpers' would assist players as needed or simply build in her grove. Around the same time that Yon recreated himself, Appolonia did the same; however, her interest in EE, along with the nostalgia, quickly faded. This, along with her involvement in other projects elsewhere, resulted in Appolonia's rather quiet departure one last time.

"Chaos Ronin" - Quite the outspoken player both during and following the Sparkplay days, Chaos Ronin became quite the welcome wagon on the EEF/TE fansite often seen posting 'welcome' messages to new users. He is also noted for helping Yon Fildibeck with his Heartwood Tower Voice skits during this time. Once a rather solid member of the community, for whatever unknown and bizarre reasons, though, Ronin began to completely self-destruct during the course of Earth Eternal Reborn's run. His forum posts on the EER forums were often edited or deleted completely by Mod Emerald and the posts he made on EEF/TE eventually drew the ire of both Jackuul and his own forum Mods as well. Ronin would eventually get banned on both EER's website and, later, on EEF/TE. As if to spite Jackuul, Ronin even bothered to create throwaway alternate accounts as if to make the statement he would not be silenced, yet eventually, he faded to obscurity. Ronin did resurface for a time during the beginning of Planet Forever, but, when it seemed the Admin would not hearken to his suggestions, Ronin again vanished. His last known reappearance was on the TerraEternus fansite about a year or so into Planet Forever's run where he made a troll post about EE before vanishing completely.

"Sebkha" aka "Jack Thundercloud" - Member of at least two of the prominent clans (Heroes Reborn and The Furry Inquisition) during the Sparkplay days, Jack Thundercloud was in many ways one of the largest proponents of the so-called 'Fashion Science' activities the high level players involved themselves with once ingame content ran out. Many times Jack would be seen running from one region to the next looking for armor set pieces to this set or that one so the complete sets could be catalogued. Sometimes he would post on the forums or go around asking players to assist him in completing a set he was working on. When Sparkplay rolled out their 0.8.6 patch, which effectively removed the vast majority of armor sets from the game, Jack Thundercloud was among the first wave of players to depart once it was deemed that the 'fashion science' activities were dead. He would return later after friends let him know SPM had promised players the armor sets would return; however, once Sparkplay rolled out Patch 0.8.8 and players saw the bland and boring 'many shades of brown' sets along with the fact existing sets had been destroyed in the changes; Jack again departed. He would reappear one more time during Sparkplay after it was learned the company was going under and he wanted to have fun with his friends just in case the game would fade into obscurity. Following Sparkplay's demise, Jack kept track of things for only a short time on EEF/TE before all but vanishing once more. His last appearances were around the time of Earth Eternal Reborn's run and Jack Thundercloud numbered himself among the group of players who objected to the many changes made to TurnOut's two versions of the game. By the time of Planet Forever's run, it is believed Jack Thundercloud, like so many others, had lost interest in Earth Eternal and moved on.

"Ticktock Thekillerclock" - Clan leader of the self-proclaimed "Clockwork only" clan The Rusted Legion, Ticktock would often be found ingame stirring up all sorts of "trouble" for non-Clockwork players in region chat which he called 'the fleshies'. While most of this was 'all in fun' roleplay, many players found his aggressive nature to be a bit off-putting, though others played along in the interests of 'Clockwork world domination'. His antics continued until the demise of Sparkplay after which he vanished for a time before reappearing again during Earth Eternal Reborn's run. During his brief stint in EER, Ticktock resurrected both his clan The Rusted Legion and his aggressive 'speciesist' roleplay as the Clockwork bent on world domination for Clockwork kind against the 'fleshies'. He would be among those who departed EER as soon as that version of the game was considered doomed. Ticktock would completely vanish at this point and not be heard from again until very late in Planet Forever's run when he stumbled upon the private server's existence. This was a mere brief appearance, though, and he again disappeared until sometime ago when he finally reappeared once more to play on our Scourge Of Abidan servers. Having again disappeared for now, it is hoped Ticktock will make a return on our Valkal's Shadow server.

"floor 203" aka "Cross Marian" - Member of Heathendel's clan Hand of Kronos and clan leader of the clan Sleeping Forest during the Sparkplay days, Cross was quite the active player and a flexible recruiter. His clan would include a few notables, some of whom would move on to other clans such as Heroes Reborn and Villian's Absolved, while others would become notable later on. Both Liska Quicksilver and the future admin of Planet Forever would be included as members of Cross's clan Sleeping Forest. Being an active player, region chat was often filled with conversations in which he would be a part. Following SPM's demise, Cross became just as active on the EEF/TE fansite for a time before he eventually went silent. Cross would reappear for both Iki and EER and remained with the latter until it became apparent TOVs versions of EE would not survive. Cross would vanish until reappearing for a very brief time during Planet Forever at which time he misunderstood PF's role as a private server and left upon realizing what it was. Cross's most recent reappearance has been on the TAW forums where he joined under the username "Piggypops" which he 'borrowed' from Andrew Sipotz without consent and made a couple posts asking for a key. While the request to allow the 'borrowed' name to be changed for the sake of its true owner was made in response to his posts, Cross has yet to reappear for either a reply or otherwise.

"Kitty Bock" aka "Kitty Rock" - One of the two members of her private clan, The Primal Fur, Kitty Bock is best remembered as being one of the players who formed Earth Eternal Radio late in Sparkplay's run. While McSpeedfreak founded EE Radio, it was Kitty Bock who was pretty much the main voice players heard when tuning in. Kitty Bock created her only known alt Kitty Rock for the sole purpose of using that character to be the emcee of Earth Eternal Radio. Following the news of Sparkplay's imminent demise, Kitty was among those players who organized the famed 'Mushroom Isle Party'. After the close of SPM, Kitty Bock along with a few other players moved EE Radio to other games in the hopes of continuing the idea in those worlds; however, this soon proved to have far less effect and it eventually faded away. Kitty Bock would again reappear like many other players during TurnOut's two versions and she would recreate her clan The Primal Fur in EER. Both Kitty and her friend wind up being among the last few players remaining ingame at the end of EER who all chose to 'wait out the end'. Like so many others, this would be the last time Kitty Bock would be seen.

"Happy Meals" - One of the more dubious mentions here is the player Happy Meals. Clan leader of the clan The Arcadian Guard during the Sparkplay days, Happy Meals started out as a typical player that people enjoyed hanging around. This changed during the final patch under Sparkplay when both she and her entire clan found amusement in causing mischief and quite a bit of mayhem in each of the new player zones and the newbie PvP arenas. This activity repeatedly drew the attention of more than a few Earth Sages and even Piggypops himself. Following the announcement of Sparkplay's demise, Happy Meals and her clan only seemed to step up their trolling efforts to the point where, eventually, Matt and Piggypops both had enough. Near the end, both Happy Meals and every single member of her clan were all banned from the game servers. Infuriated by this unusual disciplinary action, Happy Meals posts more than a few very nasty posts on the EE forums forcing Matt himself to step in and completely ban her account barely days before the SPM servers came down. Happy Meals has not been seen on any EE server since.

"starfox246" aka "Rolland Roundbadger" - Another one of the more dubious players in any version of Earth Eternal is Rolland Roundbadger. Clan leader of his rather... unusual... clan called "Fat Furries", Rolland became rather infamous during the Sparkplay days after he accidentally posted a rather adult comment in region chat which got the attention of the Earth Sages. Regarded by many players as generally somewhat of a creeper, it became quite obvious Rolland would ERP with other players who had 'rotund' characters at times. How often this occurred is unknown; however, many players were put off by his lewd actions and often went out of their way to avoid him. Following the demise of Sparkplay, Rolland proved to be a rather vocal player often asking questions about EE and making the occasional presumption regarding it. His time in EER was brief and it is not known how long he actually played or if he resumed his more infamous 'activities' there.

Rolland would again reappear during Planet Forever to the surprise of several players, as by this time, he had been numbered among those who thought EE was dead after EER had shut down. Rolland's infamous activities would again resurface during the course of Planet Forever forcing PF's Admin to take disciplinary measures which included muting his characters so that he could no longer comment in region chat. Rolland eventually created seveal alternate characters possibly in the hopes that other players would not realize it was him, yet, the most active players, along with the Admin, knew it was him. Rolland remained semi-active throughout Planet Forever and made a few occasional appearances even just prior to it's eventual closure. He was among those who made the transition to our servers, yet he had not been seen in a long while. Rolland finally resurfaced after discovering the existence of the TAW website and Valkal's Shadow servers. He has joined both the website, VS game server and EE Discord and once again occasionally plays. Thus far, he has not been caught doing any shenanigans on our servers, though that may be owing to the timing of his reappearance which was in the midst of a rather lengthy bit of low activity.

"Elite Mage" (the original) - Although there have been at least three players that have taken this name during the course of EE's history, this Elite Mage managed to make himself rather notable during the Sparkplay days of Earth Eternal. Elite Mage was one of the more powerful mage players who made it to the high levels and belonged to the clan Heroes Reborn. Elite Mage is noted for being one of the top players on the various Leaderboards on the EE forums and was for a long time a highly respected player because of his grinding prowess and skill in PvP. Following the disasters of Patch 0.8.8, Elite Mage was so upset by the equipment alterations that he pretty much ragequit at this point. He announced in region chat that he was giving away or selling his account to anyone interested in taking it. Although this practice is frowned upon, Elite Mage was not to be deterred and he eventually found someone who would take his account. Although this other person continued using the "Elite Mage" account for the remainder of Sparkplay's run, the original player who had this name would not be seen in any version of Earth Eternal since.

Rather coincidentally, one final note regarding this Elite Mage must be mentioned. During the course of Planet Forever, a player using the "Elite Mage" name briefly appeared on the server. Upon being asked about that name, the player revealed that he had been, at one point in time, the roommate of the original Elite Mage while attending college. This person adds that one of the reasons he made an account on PF was because the original player had passed his computer to his roommate and they came to discover old files of Earth Eternal on the computer's hard drive. It would later be revealed by Silvermane Ludsthorp while playing on our Valksl's Shadow server that he had been the one the original Elite Mage had sold his account to and that he held onto it until the end of Sparkplay's run. Silvermane also reveals he hardly ever used Elite's account.

"Hiromi Swiftwind" - Clan officer of Village Idiote's clan, Villain's Absolved, Hiromi was an early player that stuck with both Earth Eternal and her clan through Sparkplay's entire run. Being one of the more enthusiastic players, Hiromi was among the players who enjoyed attending the occasional 'naked parties' held by various clans including her own. An avid recruiter for Villain's Absolved, Hiromi often became the face of the clan while Village busied himself with grinding experience levels. Hiromi, too, made it to the top levels while also being a rather frequent conversationalist in region chat. In many ways, Hiromi, along with many other players, was one of the 'lives of the parties' during the Sparkplay days. She continued her roles through the end of Sparkplay's run and frequented EEF/TE after the SPM server closed. Being one of the more die-hard players, few things deterred Hiromi from Earth Eternal.

She would resume her role as clan officer of Villain's Absolved during both Iki and EER's runs and was the individual who orchestrated the 'clan refugee absorption' by Villain's Absolved following the announcement of EER's closure. Hiromi became one of the players 'waiting out the end' of EER. She would later resurface during Planet Forever and remained a rather active player on the private server for the vast majority of it's entire two and a half year public run. Hiromi would wind up one of the two handfuls of players remaining at the end of Planet Forever. Following the release of EE's assets and the opening up of our three versions of EE under our current Admin, Hiromi continued for a short time to be a semi-active player, though, due to the currently small community, Hiromi found it hard to play alone winding up seldom being seen ingame. Hiromi would briefly join the Discord server and it was hoped she was planning to be active once more; however, she again, resumed her seldom appearances and has since completely disappeared.

"Hauss Pray" - Hauss was one of the older players of Earth Eternal, becoming active in the community sometime prior to the opening of Sparkplay's Closed Beta. Hauss would join the Closed Beta during one of the early phases and kept a presence through it's end. Due to either a strange name issue in Open Beta or simply a whim, Hauss was known throughout Sparkplay's Open Beta as "Hauss PrayV2". Being a rather active member of his clan Heroes Reborn, Hauss would be a mainstay presence in both region and clan chat. Following Sparkplay's demise, Hauss frequented the EEF/TE fansite until dropping off the radar for awhile. He would reappear again for a time during both of TurnOut's versions, though the glaring absence of the Atavian race in EER, among other issues, would inevitably cause Hauss to return his attention to other things, leaving Earth Eternal behind.

Hauss would again return upon discovering the existence of the Planet Forever private server and he stayed for the remainder of it's run. During PF, Hauss became one of the more mainstay players, roleplaying as a mad scientist or playfully getting on the Admin's bad side. This latter one would prompt the PF Admin to give Hauss the label 'Do Not Hug' as Hauss found it more or less a 'game' to try and hug every person online including the Admin himself. In addition to this, when pets were introduced in Planet Forever, Hauss became noted for having a 'special' pet, "Pray's Turkatrice", named just for him. He even numbered himself among the so-called "creature tweakers" by designing a few armor sets which are also to his credit. Although Hauss would make the migration from Planet Forever to our current servers along with many other players, he disappeared sometime after the start of Scourge Of Abidan and hasn't been seen online since.

"Crash Bang" aka "Crashbang Tyron" - One of the more unique players during the Sparkplay days, Crashbang often went out of his way to make a statement and wasn't afraid to do his own thing. When not helping out his clan, Crashbang would often be seen running around the game server naked and earning the ire of the Earth Sages along with more than a few players. Although a bit playful in his audacity to defy the Sages, he also often claimed to be 'misunderstood' by those offended by him. He was among the players who sent in submissions for SPM's 'Winter Dawning Fan Anything' contest and won a Shroomie plush. His forum banner was often shown depicting his character cooking a Shroomie on a spit over a fire. Following Sparkplay's demise, Crashbang hung around on Jackuul's EEF/TE fansite and was rather active for a time. He would confess during this time that EE had been perhaps the only place where he could 'be himself' without much, if any, ridicule. By the time Iki/EER rolled around, though, and like so many others, Crashbang found himself at odds with the new character models among other things. When EER finally opened up, Crashbang numbered himself among the players who boycotted TurnOut's versions due to the glaring lack of the Lisian race's availablity to players. He would wind up one of the vocal critics of the many things that went wrong with EER.

Ironically, around the time that it was learned that TOV had all but abandoned Iki and EER, Crashbang learned to his great dismay that, although players did not yet have access to the Lisian race on either version of EE, they had redesigned the Lisian race to be a bit more 'dragon-like' - something Crashbang had always wanted. This was more or less the final nail for Crashbang and he left for a time. Although he was among the players who messed around with the future PF Admin's 'classic EE' mod client late in EER, Crashbang's interest in EE began to wane as the game he remembered was pretty much long dead to him. Crashbang reappeared one last time during Planet Forever, where he admitted to being happy to be able to play his lisian again. Even still, his stay in Planet Forever was brief and did not reappear ingame for the remainder of it's run. He appeared for a time solely on the TerraEternus fansite where he occasionally would chat and post things; however, it has been a long while since any messages by him have been seen. Crash Bang would once more reappear on our Valkal's Shadow server to possibly play, but, disappeared yet again soon after, possibly for the final time.

"Silvermane Ludsthorp" - Being one of the high level players during the Sparkplay days, Silvermane was a force to be reckoned with even then. Member of at least three clans, 'Sleeping Forest' and then later 'Heroes Reborn' and 'Villain's Absolved', Silvermane was perhaps one of the top knights at the time. Although not afraid to shy away from 'mature' chat whether it be in clan chat or region chat, Silvermane was one of those players who could rally other players to him due to both his skills and personality. After Sparkplay's demise though, Silvermane seemed to vanish for awhile, though he would be seen on EEF/TE for a time. His return in both Iki and EER was a rocky one, and, like so many players who came and went, so did Silvermane. However, late in EER, Silvermane returned and would remain until it closed as a member of Village Idiote's clan Villain's Absolved. He was one of the players who took it upon themselves to attempt to catalog a bunch of the named creatures in the game just before the servers came down so as to 'remember' the fun times of the game.

He would disappear again for a time until the announcement of Planet Forever's opening, whereupon Silvermane again returned. In spite of the much smaller community, Silvermane held on and would become one of the top players on the private server version of Earth Eternal. Like several other players, Silvermane would come and go during the course of Planet Forever's lifespan, though this was mainly due to his many computer problems that would often prevent him from playing. His grove would become one of the many 'must visit' grove locations in the game as well. If any player deserved the title "Ultimate Knight" it was definitely Silvermane. Sadly, between his many computer issues along with a certain new ingame boss that pretty much no one could beat, Silvermane finally had enough and half-ragequit near the end of Planet Forever's run. He would not be seen for nearly two full years before resurfacing on the TAW website expressing willingness to play EE once again, having finally purchased a new laptop to play on. He would reappear ingame soon after the rollout of our Valkal's Shadow expansion; however, Silvermane would again disappear when activity again began to slow down.

"Spectre Husky" aka "Lemon Bird" aka "Group Hug" aka "Evergreen Buck" (among many other aliases) - A veteran player who had been playing at least as far back as Earth Eternal Reborn, if not all the way back to the Sparkplay days, Spectre is best known for being one of the 'alt loving' players of EE, going on to create MANY characters during Planet Forever's long run. Always up for helping with the game, Spectre is remembered as the brain behind the addition of Pets to Earth Eternal, having been the creator of most of them. Along with the pets, Spectre became one of PF's so-called "creature tweakers", creating seveal designs for future player made armor sets. He also assisted the PF Admin and his other helpers in working on new content in the unfinished zones of Grunes Tal and Swineland. A fellow with many ideas, Spectre often experimented with these in his two groves in the hopes they would eventually make it into the game. In spite of his eagerness to help, his motivation to play waned during the latter part of Planet Forever's run and he vanished completely just prior to it's closure. Just over a year and a half following PF's closure, Spectre finally resurfaced on the TAW website and a week or two later was spotted in the Scourge Of Abidan server itself. Although considered one of the TAW team's former volunteer helpers, Spectre has not been seen for several years. Due to recent information surfacing involving a fallout between Spectre Husky and Dekker Wilder some time back, there is a chance he will not return.

"Tupik" aka "Tupik Wolf" aka "Your Slave" - A rather memorable player from back in the Sparkplay days, Tupik started out as just another average player. This changed when he decided to create his, now legendary, alt character "Your Slave". Originally meant as a joke character, Your Slave, affectionately called 'Slave' or 'Slavey' by many players after, became quite popular as that figure who would always be seen starting his conversations in region chat with lines like "Noms region chat.", "Chews on region." and so on. Because of Slave's submissively fun RP antics in any chat, he was often considered a 'life of the party' and a fun player. He would be one of the players immortalized by the Mushroom Isle Party following the announcement of Sparkplay's end. Even after Sparkplay's demise, Tupik kept Slave alive on EEF/TE's forums for awhile before going dormant until reappearing in Iki and EER where he resurrected Your Slave for a time. Like many others, though, Tupik's stay in EER was short and he left soon as things began to fall apart near the end. Tupik reappared once again as himself, and then later on as Your Slave, during the course of Planet Forever's run.

Like several other players, Tupik became one of the few mainstay players throughout PF, once again reaching the high levels. He became one of the 'infamous eight' to battle the new "It" boss near the end of Planet Forever. Tupik was also given the honor of having one of the "creature tweakers" model his character Your Slave in one of their armor sets. Although Tupik made the migration to our current servers following PF's end, as it was even then, he tended to come and go as time allowed, which had been few and far between. While it has been a number of years since Tupik's last reappearance, yet he has recently done so thanks to Dekker's own reappearance. Tupik has made it clear though, that he has no real intention of playing EE anymore and only wishes to reconnect with old friends and lurk on the Discord. Here's hoping he sticks around for the community at least and occasionally chooses to show up ingame from time to time.

"Dekker Wilder" - A veteran player from the Sparkplay days, Dekker is the one ultimately responsible for EE's continued existence as it was at his behest that the future Planet Forever admin even bothered to try out Earth Eternal in the first place. Like most players, Dekker was somewhat active during Sparkplay's time and was just as disappointed when it came to an end. Dekker, however, was one of the only individuals who understood the significance behind the future PF admin's shout of success in region one fateful day near the end of 2009. He would wind up being one of those few who went on to assist the future PF admin in the project that became the Planet Forever server. While he may have tried either of TurnOut's versions of EE, Dekker likely passed up on these being aware of the then-hidden PF project. When Planet Forever finally came online, Dekker didn't make his presence known until several months in when he emerged as one of the PF admin's helpers. While the other helpers eventually lost their 'helper' status, Dekker kept his until the very end of Planet Forever's run.

Dekker was in many ways an unofficial 'second in command' of PF, even when the Admin really didn't recognize him as such. Dekker would be the face behind two mini-events late in Planet Forever, playing both Alimat and the Turkatrice King in their respective events. Dekker gained a somewhat dubious addendum to his reputation; however, when he created the ultra-difficult and incomplete quest chain that ended with the 'near-impossible-to-beat' new Boss "It". Although Dekker insisted he would finish this hard quest chain, this never happened by the end of Planet Forever. While Dekker did make the transistion to our servers with the intent to be part of the team at least part of the time, other projects have kept him away. On his last visit to our servers, Dekker expressed that he was still interested in completing that quest chain and become more active; however, he has not been seen online since and the team has since decided to revamp and complete Dekker's ultra-difficult quest chain on their own. He made occasional visits to the EE Discord chat server to check up on things up until recently, though he made it a point not to associate with those there. Dekker disappeared completely for nearly five years. He has resurfaced recently, bringing with him both Tupik and Vixen Turen and even hinted at possibly convincing Disaster Master to return as well. He has also hinted that he might be able to convince PF's former admin to make a reappearance, yet this remains to be seen.

"Wolf0dm" aka "Disaster Master" aka "Master Ofdisaster" aka "WhyWolf"/"WhenWolf"/"WhereWolf" (among other aliases)" - A veteran player from the Sparkplay days with a pinchet for roleplay. During the Sparkplay days, Wolf0dm was, like most players, quite active until the end of SPM's run. Preferring to play using the Fangren male models as she believed the Fangren female models didn't look right, Wolf0dm gained notoriety during TurnOut's two versions of EE, most notably EER when she was known as WhyWolf ingame. Like many players, though, WhyWolf had begun to tire of redoing the same content over and over. She eventually gave up on EE by the end of EER, but she would make a begrudging return early in Planet Forever after being persuaded by friends to play again. Taklng the name Disaster Master, as she was apparently known elsewhere, Wolf0dm would become quite infamous in Planet Forever roleplaying as the 'Shadow' that took enjoyment in stabbing everyone and killing things. While most players eventually got used to Disaster's antics, it did get on the nerves of a few players who felt 'Dissy's' comments made the game less enjoyable for them. Even the PF admin eventually began to tire of Disaster's incessant dark comments and antics over time.

At one point, the PF admin even played a practical joke on Dissy by setting her account to 'daytime-only' while everyone else got the normal day/night cycle for a time. Another joke the PF admin played on Disaster happened in Spectre Husky's grove when he turned her into a Chicken mob and then spawned a series of Nefritari NPCs on her. From that time until the end of Planet Forever, Disaster expressed unamusement when anyone called her a 'Chicken'. To add insult to injury, the PF admin even went so far as to create a chicken mob named 'Disaster Master' in her honor to the bemusement of the other players. Even still, Disaster was in many ways one of the few players that really kept Planet Forever active even in its slowest times. Near the end of Planet Forever, Dissy was often seen playing online only around the times Dekker was online and the two began playing other games outside PF together as both soon became bored with EE and the community. Like Dekker, Disaster made the migration to our servers and even had originally considered being part of the team. Disaster was to be the designer of the new class and skill systems, yet she has not made a reappearance ingame since the Planet Forever server came down. With no word from Disaster in more than 2-3 years, the team decided to revamp both core systems on their own. In more recent times, it has been learned that Disaster is still around doing her usual RPing and there may be a chance she might be convinced to make a return to Earth Eternal.

"Fluffyspuds" aka "Vixen Turen" - A veteran player from both the Sparkplay and TurnOut days, Vixen is remembered most for her time in Planet Forever. Although Vixen often halted her character leveling so her friends and party-mates could keep up, she often supplemented this lack of playing with honing her skills in groving. Vixen's grove became one of the must see locations during Planet Forever's run and she often was busy continuously adding to the place. Later on, Vixen became one of the 'creature tweakers' and designed a few player made armor sets, along with attempting a few mobs for the new zones. For various reasons, Vixen would often come and go for lengths at a time. In spite of this, Vixen became one of the mainstay players up to the end of Planet Forever. She would be among the players who managed to migrate to our servers and still occasionally made a reappearance from time to time, though had not been seen in awhile. More recently, rumors from an unknown source made it known that Vixen Turen, for reasons all their own, became displeased with those of us here at The Anubian War project at some point and left Earth Eternal for the last time. While it is still rather unknown as to what exactly happened, it was believed for a time that Vixen would be among those players who have moved on and would not return. This has since proven to be false as Vixen has resurfaced recently and has expressed confusion over the rumor regarding their departure. Vixen vaguely recalled a minor incident between them and Emerald but stated this had no impact on the rest of the community. Vixen has expressed intent to play Earth Eternal again and we hope they will do so.

"Duskleaf" aka "Wake Duskleaf" aka "Wacky Splitshift" aka "Razek Velvetvoid" (among other aliases) - Wake Duskleaf, originally known as Wacky Splitshift, was one of the early Open Beta players during the Sparkplay days. Wake would be among the few players to reach the top levels and was quite the active player up until Sparkplay's demise. Following the end of the Sparkplay days, Wake became one of the most active players on Jackuul's fansite Earth Eternal Forever/TerraEternus and often joined in the 'spamming' fun brought on by other players. During Iki and EER's runs, Wake worked hard to again reach the top levels; but, by this time it was difficult as his preferred badger race, the Broccans, was among those left out of the re-release of EE. Once it became apparent that EER was doomed, Wake abandoned the game and resumed hanging out on EEF/TE.

Wake, now simply Duskleaf, would reappear in Planet Forever and remained with the fan server of EE for nearly the entire duration of it's run. While Duskleaf would take the occasional break, like many other players, he would be numbered among the eight 'mainstays' at the end of PF. Like many other players, Duskleaf made the transistion to our current servers where he continued to log in early on from time to time. After he finally reached his goal of hitting the level cap on our SOA server, Duskleaf, for the most part, either played an alt or hung out in his grove when online. Sadly, Duskleaf eventually grew tired of playing EE altogether and finally departed the SOA server and Earth Eternal itself. He still posted on Jackuul's TE website from time to time, however, this activity was later relocated to a small TE Discord made by another of the last few individuals active on the actual website. It is unknown if Duskleaf will ever return, though quite likely he is now among those who have fully moved on. He has not been active on the TE Discord or the actual TE website for quite some time now and it may even be that he is gone for good.

"WWWWWWWW" aka "Fara Phoenix" - A rather early player during the Sparkplay days, Fara joined prior to the SPM Closed Beta and was a member of Kaji's The Furry Group on the EE forums. During the Open Beta; however, Fara was a very active member of Wolf Chronos' clan Heroes Reborn. Like most players in that clan, she became numbered among the top level players and would grind for armor sets prior to the patch that would end the so-called 'fashion science' that more than a few clans involved themselves with. Like many players frustrated with the changes SPM made, Fara struggled to retain interest during the latter part of the SPM days. Fara would be one of the early players who found refuge on Jackuul's EEF/TE website soon after the announcement of SPM's demise. She would later reappear for a short time during Iki/EER, but, was among those who expressed distaste for the character models. Fara reappeared after a long absence to play on the Planet Forever private server and was, for a time, very active; however, she would go semi-dormant after the first few months and would only reappear from time to time to play for the remainder of PF's run. Fara was among those who made the transistion to our servers, yet, as before, her appearances were few and far between. Sometime in 2017, Fara mysteriously vanished from the EE Discord server and has not been seen in EE since. Recent information indicates Fara has indeed moved on and is now numbered among those who have likely left us for good.

"Volk Dragoona" aka "TheCrimson Bloodwolf" aka "Blank Slate" - Another early player during the Sparkplay days, Volk became a rather quiet but active member of the Fangren and Friends clan set up by Jackuul and played for most of it's run, reaching Level 47 by the time the servers closed. Around the time of SPM's closure, Volk joined his now-former clan leader along with a few other clanmates on Jackuul's new fansite Earth Eternal Forever, later renamed TerraEternus, where he eventually would become one of the moderators. When Ikimonogatari opened to players, Volk Dragoona chose to try the new version of Earth Eternal to document the new player models for those players who were either curious about what they looked like or those who simply refused to bother playing this version of the game. Volk would reach Europe in Ikimonogatari before leaving it for Earth Eternal Reborn once that version opened to the public. He would go on to reach the level cap of 50 in EER and remained until the end, being one of the last FnF clan members remaining by the time both Iki and EER had closed. Volk was a mostly quiet player during Iki and EER's runs as most of his clan had already departed the game when Sparkplay's version ended. Volk remained as one of the active EEF/TE moderators up through and beyond the end of Outblaze's(TOV) versions of the game. While he was among those doing damage control during the infamous community split that occurred soon after EER's release, most of the other moderators handled the problem while he only put out a few of the flames. Volk's main role was to smash the many spambots that would appear on the fansite and he continued to do this even after both Iki and EER's closure.

As things quieted down again after EER's demise, so did Volk, now only checking up on the EEF/TE website from time to time. This was due to real life getting in the way as his new job of the time kept him preoccupied, not leaving much spare time to moderate a MMO fansite. Volk would again attempt to play for a short time early in Planet Forever's run; however, he left the game soon after, finding himself unable and unwilling to level up another character to the level cap. Thereafter, he would only be seen occasionally on the EEF/TE website from time to time smashing the occasional spambot that appeared. Late in PF's run, though, Volk completely disappeared. This was due to EEF-now-TerraEternus having gone almost completely quiet with only Volk moderating the site for weeks at a time alone. In the end, he quietly left completely to do other things, abandoning his role on the fansite. Volk's EEF/TE moderator role would be revoked after he had been gone from the site a number of months and it was believed he had finally had enough and moved on for good, leaving Earth Eternal behind.

This belief proved incorrect as Volk would resurface on the TAW website after having not been heard of for almost five years. Having EE on his mind one day, Volk decided to look it up again for nostalgia only to discover our website. Surprised that 'fans had brought it back' and that 'EE lives', Volk decided to check it out. He would be moved almost to tears upon discovering the EE he 'knew and loved' had been brought back. Although Volk had to slightly alter his old ingame username, due to his original name already been taken and possibly due to it being on his old PF account, Volk has taken to once again play Earth Eternal on our Valkal's Shadow server. In addition, Volk joined the EE Discord under the name Blank Slate and was given the role of Moderator once his former EEF/TE role was made known. Volk has tried to remain somewhat active as both a player and a Discord server moderator since his return, though he does still tend to be quiet from time to time.


Developer's note: This list of credits is ongoing and there are MANY MANY more yet to be added as so many people have made their marks on Earth Eternal both large and small.