Valkal's Shadow

This is the client for Valkal's Shadow and you will need to install it to be able to play. Simply download the file appropriate for your operating system and install it as you would any other program.
  1. Make sure you are registered on this site and logged in.
  2. Use the Request Key button at the bottom of your Account page. You will be asked to provide a Game Username, Game Password and Default Grove. Upon success, you will be given a key. You wont need it immediately, but should should keep this key safe in case of emergencies with your account.
  3. Install and start Game and login with the username and password chosen in step 2.


Known to work on all versions of Windows from Windows XP and above. See below for detailed system requirements. Requires the system to be compatible with DirectX9c or above.

Download      System Requirements

*If you know you require DirectX or the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime, see Supplementary downloads below.


We now have an experimental native Linux client. This is provided as Flatpak package, and should run on many different distributions. Get Flatpak and click on the Install button below.

Install      System Requirements

Or from the command line :-

flatpak install

Alternatively, you can use Phoenicis (PlayOnLinux 5) which uses Wine and the Windows version. See this News article or our Installation Game Guide for details.


Porting work in currently in progress, but no builds are available yet. You may use the Windows install above together with Wine Staging to play the game. See our Installation Game Guide for details.


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