In Game Help

Valkal's Shadow

You can request help while in game using the /petition command. These are monitored by the Earth Sages and if a Sage is available, they will do their best to help you.

You can also contact them privately by using /tell "Sage Name". Our current Earth Sages are:

  • Sage Darkeye
  • Sage Kurama
  • Sage Shade

The Anubian War

A Sage team for TAW will be announced on our first test event.

Out Of Game Help


The best place to get help is in our Community Support Forum. Oftentimes, other players will be able to help! If you have an issue you wish to discuss directly with one of the team, send them a private message.


We now have a Discord channel where you can find both the team and players to chat with.


Think you have found a bug that the developers should fix? We offer two ways for you to report them. You can either use the in-game command /bug, or you can post directly to our GitHub issues page (if you post directly to GitHub with an account there, you will be notified of any changes to your bug).