History - The IceEE Era

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March 2015

With the closure of Planetforevergame.com effective around the 9th of the month, Emerald Icemoon sets up her new server mere days after Grethnefar releases the game's assets on the Planet Forever website. Soon after, players, via word of mouth, begin migrating from Planet Forever to Emerald's server which has been dubbed “IceEE”. It should be noted that as IceEE is technically a perfect clone of Planet Forever, it is pretty much the continuation of Planet Forever with Emerald at the helm instead of Grethnefar.

In addition to Emerald as the new server's Admin, other helpers include: Heathendel Dustrunner, Rictar Gasper, Rivers Slypaw and Liska Quicksilver. Both Dekker Wilder and player Disaster Master are invited to help as well, though both make it known they may or may not do so often if at all.

March is mostly a quiet month for IceEE on the development side but somewhat lightly active on the main server side. During the lull in development though, Liska bothers to restore Hadrian's Wall and the Old Underground's entrance in Camelot.

Using the assets released by Grethnefar, two other players, Sejenus Caine and Kaliburn Swiftpaw, among others, create their own EE servers around this time as well. Sejen's server appears to have since gone offline and Kaliburn's server may have as well. One particular EE server dubbed 'Earth Eternal Reboot' is created by player Rozene Kitsune around this time too. Like the other EE servers, it starts as a perfect clone of PF; however, Rozene's server garners little interest and it goes idle for months.


April 2015

April is the month that development in IceEE begins to kick off. Work on finally finishing Grunes Tal gets underway along with other things.

During this month, more Grunes Tal quests are activated and added, Folkirk Manor and Wailing Crypt are completed and tested.

On a whim, Liska adds the dungeon entrance for the future dungeon Wild Caverns in Heartwood during this month as well.


May 2015

During this month, more quests are added and activated in Grunes Tal and all are tested in preparation for the opening up of the region.

A custom environment is made and added to the region and the region is filled out with added props, mobs and NPCs.

Also during this month, certain bosses and quest target mobs are 'restored' to near their original difficulty or 'promoted' to higher difficulty ranks. These include Darkhoof being restored to Epic status and the two World Bosses Kilvath L'Vithian and Thara Vikath being promoted to Legendary status to bring them in line with Ni'Lania Vexus' difficulty. Also the early dungeon bosses are revamped from the Corsica Lighthouse up through the Abandoned Monastery.

In the middle of the month, the development server is opened up to players as a beta server for further testing. It is also on which the grand opening of the five-years-long awaited Grunes Tal region takes place in a special event on the 17th of the month.

Late in the month, other changes to the development-now beta server include a bare-bones functionality for Capture the Flag PVP and a nice surprise: The long awaited solution to the Credit Shop reintroduction issues arrives. Temporarily using Copper instead of Credits, the newly reopened Credit Shop includes various SPM Cash Shop sets and other equipment, Beta Beast items, and a brand new custom “potion” named after player Hiromi Swiftwind and a bunch of bug fixes and changes.

A decision among the dev team late in the month to completely revamp and remake Earth Eternal from the ground up so that it is no longer broken is made.

Bastion Island and New Corsica are restored, the latter as terrain only. New Corsica gets a major facelift propwise and Heathendel formulates a central story outline for the coming remake focusing on The Anubian War so that the game now has a main focus.

Due to the original Bastion Island idea being brought back for the revamp, Heathendel decides to scrap the 'Island Temple' idea and dungeon that was to use the Bastion Island map.

A few cracks among the dev team appear late in the month resulting in Liska deciding to 'take a break' from the game for awhile.


June 2015

Not much is done during this month as the members of the new dev team all end up busy and unable to work on the game.


July 2015

Work on IceEE resumes around the middle of this month as new additions and proposals regarding the new game progression are made. Liska returns to the dev team at this point in time after a near two-month hiatus.

Thanks to Liska who has an old copy of the Iki/EER files, New Earthrise is restored, as terrain only and progress on its own facelift gets underway.

More cracks between the dev team members appear as general disagreements on how the story progression, among other details, is made known.


August 2015

The decision to rebrand “IceEE” back to “Earth Eternal” is made as the codenames of both “Planet Forever” and “IceEE” are deemed no longer viable to the new focus of the game. Emerald also confesses to a general dislike of the “IceEE” codename in general.

It is decided later in the month to 'finish up' the current game on the main server and move on to the 'revamp'. In the spirit of the new rebranding of Earth Eternal back to it's original name, it is decided that the final expansion of the existing Main Server content would be dubbed “Earth Eternal – The Scourge Of Abidan” and the new 'revamp' would be dubbed “Earth Eternal – The Anubian War”.

Due to various continuing problems and disagreements among the dev team members, Emerald creates a solid dev team roles and rules list so everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. (This list still does not fully resolve the underlying issue though it is for the most part put to rest, though Liska remains more or less reserved regarding the direction of the game at this point in time.)

Various new mechanics are added on the dev server during this month including the full restoration of the Credit Shop and a myriad of its items along with new additions, the daily rewards system and a number of others.

Emerald creates a few 'Earth Eternal – The Scourge Of Abidan' splash screens to replace the original SPM artwork as a reflection of the game's continued development.

Bug fixes to various things are also made.