History - The Second Intermediate Era

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November-December 2011

Mere days following the closure of Earth Eternal Reborn, former EE players are treated to an unexpected surprise. While the vast majority of the EE community has by now pretty much abandoned the game in favor of other games, hope is near nil that Earth Eternal will rise again. Thus, many are stunned when Grethnefar finally reveals his more than a year old secret on the EEF forums: He has created an Earth Eternal server of his own.

To prove this, he posts various YouTube videos of his character exploring the game world in a rudimentary form. In addition, he posts up a special program that would connect with Iki's servers which at this point in time, are still functioning even though they are not online. This allows players using Grethnefar's little program to play local versions of EE using Iki's IP address as a way to get the client to load.

During this same period, TurnOut Ventures jettisons at least three other MMOs, one of which was in full release. The reasonings for this action seems to be that TOV has decided to move away from the PC market and focus primarily on smartphone titles.


January-February 2012

A few more releases of Grethnefar's little program along with even more YouTube videos of his progress with EE's assets are posted up on the EEF forums. Eventually, the program ceases functioning, due to the Iki servers' IP address finally being cut off.


March-July 2012

During this time, Earth Eternal has been pretty much abandoned by the vast majority of former fans and activity on the EEF website shifts to other games.

Jackuul, the admin of EEF, decides an update is in order in light of Earth Eternal not likely to make a third comeback. He changes the website name from Earth Eternal Forever to TerraEternus and begins to emphasize other games with at least one 'furry' type race.

Activity overall begins to slow, yet periodically, Grethnefar still posts updates on his project that is now known to the community.

For those few who keep tabs on Grethnefar's progress, a glimmer of hope that Earth Eternal still lives is fostered. Of particular interest is his repurposing of the Iki/EER Sidekick system to be what players had hoped it would be: a type of pet system and the usage of the original SPM character models rather than the late-SPM or Iki/EER models.