The Age Of Beasts Timeline

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What follows is a copy of Matt Mihaly's incomplete Age of Beasts Timeline posted up on the EEF/TE forums around the end of the Sparkplay Media Era. All typos, mistakes and discrepancies have been preserved for the sake of keeping this in it's original state. In many ways, the following is the last segment of Official EE Lore composed.

-60 Cataclysm
0000 The Reclamatuion: Groves open and Beasts return.
0001 Djall courts Anubis with promise of the world for his loyalty. Anubis agrees.
0020 Non-Beast creatures begin to come out of hiding.
0100 The Rotted created by Khazeekela.
0120 Treekin begin to wake up.
0180 Last of the non-Beast creatures come out of hiding.
0250 The Heartwood formed in alliance between the Beasts and Treekin.
0255 Black Shroomies and Rotted form Pact of Decay in Deadwood.
258 - 259 The first Sylvans leave their trees, by the power of the Trillium Shard.
287 - 334 Forestal War.
302 Clockwork granted life by Gaia.
0310 Anubis declares the former Dog Soldiers his. From then on they would be known as Anubians.
0311 Anubis declares Qa'a, an Anubian, Pharaoh of Egypt.
0422 Avalanche reveals Ikro'Durohelm, former mountain fortress of the Mystarchs thousands of years before.
0550 Return of the Faerie to the Emerald Kingdom. Bounders retreat to Anglorum.
0577 First modern Yeti leave Frost Peak to join the Beast Nations.
0600 Hercules performs his 10 labors.
730 Wilham unifies Anglorum and becomes its first King.
752 - 854 100 Year War in Anglorum.
812 Birth of Khafre.
826 Khafre becomes the 15th Pharaoh of the Anubian nation.
846 Anubis begins to magically lengthen Khafre's life.
854 Luthar becomes King of Anglorum and begins the Lutharian line of Kings.
977-984 Anubians subdue and enslave the Simian Tribes of Kilimanjaro.
1110 - 1117 Trojan War
1148 Olympian Alliance formed to counter the growing threat of the Anubians.
1180 Faeries cross into the Scotian Highlands.
1184-1201 Great Plague in Anglorum.
1200 Faeries take most of Anglorum.
1201 Djall's Hammer crashes into the moon. Shards of the Spirit Mother fall onto Earth. Faeries retreat back to the Scotian Highlands.
1215-1222 Hadrian's Wall built.
1224 Khafre's agents discover massive fragment of Djall's Hammer in Africa.
1226 Khafre mobilizes his army and marches to fragment.
1227 Khafre and Anubis discover shard caused an instability in reality which will allow Sphinx to cross over.
1230 Egyptian Gods flee because of Anubis' growing power.
1238 First Skrill Hive found.
1240 - 1254 Anubians hunt dragons for dragonsteel weapons.
1255 Anubians invade Hayasa, enslaving the Feline population.
1255 - 1256 The Tenth March. Ember the Bright escapes with 10% of Felines and begins a guerrilla war against Anubians.
1256 Captured Felines sacrificed by Anubians to allow Sphinx to enter this plane of reality.
1256 - 1257 The Cleansing.
1257 Loki flees to center of earth. Discovers Tartarus.
1258 The Great War begins with Anubian invasion of Taurania.
1260 Troy taken and burned to the ground.
1262 Anubians march to the Balkans.
1263 Gloom Witches betray Beasts and attack from behind. Anubians siege Athens
1264 Ranger Kingdoms and the Stonepride Bond manage to divert forces south and slow Anubian advance.
1266 Dragon Flight attacks advancing Anubians. Combined with the forces of the Olympian Alliance the Anubians are defeated. Retreat to Egypt.
1267 End of the Great War.
1269 Ember the Bright receives vision from Bast.
1270 Bremen founded.
1273 Gloom Witches punished for their actions during the Great War. Their homeland is taken away and they are forced to flee in small groups across all of Europe.
1278 Taurian Defenders travel to Spain to assist with guard duty for invasion from North Africa.
1299 Gloom Witches become followers of Nemesis.
1321 Grey Circle formed.
1328  - 1902 Intermittent 'Bloodless Wars' in Anglorum. Anything but bloodless.
1368 Drakul makes deal with Sethis. Becomes Palatine of Vampires.
1410 - 1340 The Blood Kingdom becomes active for the first time since the Age of Legends.
1510 - 1714 The Outcast Wars.
1515 The Undead take Alpenhold.
1597 Redeemers formed in the Warren.
1617 Loki and Hyperion form the Hyperion Apostasy.
1630 Ragnar's birth.
1635 Elemental Dragons form alliance with Baal to stop Hyperion from reclaiming the Earth.
1638 White Witches first spotted.
1642 - present Elemental Dragons terrorize Asia and collect shards of Agalarna.
1655 - 1572 Cazador constructed in Andalusia.
1661 Sethis and Loki make deal to use Hyperion to displace Gaia and Djall.
1670 Ragnar visited by Shroomie envoy.
1671 Anubians take Maraket and North Africa.
1672 Ragnar issues the Morningfire Edicts.
1674 Hyperion Apostasy begins to take serious root in the Beast population due to the rumblings from the Blood Kingdom.
1675 - 1681 Dvergar Wars ends.
1655 Construction of Moonfell begins.
1686 Arthur born
1690 Merlin gets vision from Gaia regarding Arthur.
1701 Arthur found by Merlin
1702 Arthur receives Excalibur from Lady of the Lake.
1704 Morgana located Shard of Spirit Mother and uses it to find Avalon.
1706 Morgana and Arthur have child, Mordred.
1708 Arthur forms Round Table
1722 Arthur marries Guenevere.
1724 Morgana and Mordred build an army at Avalon.
1725 The Knights of Avalon begin to attack Anglorum.
1726 Lancelot and Guenevere fall in love
1728 Anubians form magical bridge across Pillars of Hercules and invade Andalusia, beginning second Anubian War. Europe sends troops to Cazador to assist with defense.
1730 Defenders at Cazador manage to hold Anubians in southern Andalusia. Stalemate has occurred between two forces.
1740's Time EE takes place in. (a later addin based on something Matt said)