Playing on Linux (using Phoenicis - PlayOnLinux 5)

I just wanted everyone to know that playing on Linux is now a lot easier. Phoenicis is the new name for PlayOnLinux, and is a complete ground-up rewrite.  Some time ago, Earth Eternal Valkal's Shadow was added to the Phoenicis catalogue, making it possible to install EE on Linux with a few clicks.


Now that the first Alpha of Phoenicis is publicly available, and works well, it will become our recommended method of playing Earth Eternal on Linux.

To get started, simply download the latest alpha of Phoenicis. Currently available as a .deb or .zip, you can also download Phoenicis from GitHub and build it yourself for your platform.

On a related note, Phoenicis also supports Mac OS X, and I am currently experimenting to see if it can be pursuaded to play Earth Eternal too.