Valkal's Shadow Maintenance Release 13

We are happy to announce another maintenance release, addressing some long standing bugs both big and small. Many of the bugs fixed in this round were  reported by our players, so thanks for that and keep it up!

Major fixes include ..

  • Grove Permissions, allowing you to build in your groves again.
  • Party Loot. Historically a total pain, we are now sure we've got the last of the serious bugs with for all loot modes. I know we've said it before, and I know we've said that we've said it before .. er.. before... But! It's looking hopeful this time.
  • New weather systems. It now rains in Europe, and you'll get sandstorms in Dustshore. A bug in weather that could crash the server has been splatted.
  • Dungeon scaling. We had no idea HOW broken this was, but it is all good now. We also plan to introduce some easy of use features for this in a future update.

Thanks again for sticking with us, enjoy the new things and we will keep at working making EE a little better each time Smile

Em and the team


Full Release Notes

Valkal's Shadow - 11th December 2018 - Maintenance Release R13