Valkal's Shadow Winter Dawning 2018

Greetings Beasts!

Ok, so is a little late (I blame global warming), but Winter Dawning is finally here. The beasts of Gaia have decorated their towns in the traditional manner, and there are some fun tasks for visitors too.

For a start, someone has been stealing presents. They hope you can help us find out who, and earn soom goodies in the process.

Find quests and goodies for your levels in the following places :-

  • Level 20 and above, visit Camelot
  • Level 30 and above, visit Bremen
  • Level 35 and aobve, visit Heartwood

You might also want to stop by and pay homage to a special 4 legged guest who is visiting Camelot, who is known to be quite genorous.

Happy Winter Dawning!


Em and the Team