The TAW Team is proud to announcethe next installment in the Earth Eternal saga: "Valkal's Shadow". With a whole new region, a heap of new quests and three new dungeons, there is something for everyone, new beasts and old paws!

The Plot

Since the demise of Vinga the Vampire Palatine late in the Age of Legend, the vampires have been divided into several Broods which have constantly been at odds with on another in an attempt to lay claim to the title of Palatine for themselves. Several centuries ago, Drakul of the Koltai Brood made a deal with the goddess Sethis and, with her help, brought all the bloodkin Broods together and was proclaimed the first Palatine since the death of Vinga. Under Drakul's leadership, the feared Blood Kingdom rose once again deep in the Carpathians. Drakul has since gathered enough strength to wage war and expand his empire. One of Drakul's 'sons', a mighty Vampire Lord named Valkal, pushed the Blood Kingdom's forces west, eventually taking advantage of a foolish Warpig to gain entry into the region of Swineland, native home of the Warpigs.

One of Drakul's 'sons', a mighty Vampire Lord named Valkal, pushed the Blood Kingdom's forces west, eventually taking advantage of a foolish Warpig to gain entry into the region of Swineland, native home of the Warpigs. Valkal's cruelty knows no bounds as, like all bloodkin, he sees the creatures of the world as his prey. After tricking the simple minded Boss Hawg into opening the Dambat Door, Valkal and his bloodkin poured into Swineland murdering and enslaving thousands of Warpigs.

Valkal then forced those he enslaved into building a monstrous Blood Keep in the mountains overlooking his newly conquered lands. He then rewarded the captured Warpigs and Beasts by slaughtering them and filling the newly built Keep with nearly endless blood from which he can fuel his armies. With the Warpig gangs unable to resolve their own territorial conflicts and the Redeemers fighting the Undead on two fronts, victory seems but a hopeless dream.

Meanwhile Boss Hawg foolishly still fights for supremacy over the many Warpig clans that have managed to create a fragile peace in Swineland for the last several years. He has taken refuge in his enormous compound known as the Junk Palace where he resides in safety next to his large bombs which he holds quite dear... Don't be fooled, however, as what Boss Hawg lacks in intelligence he makes up for in strength. Both he and his Haz'ard Crew gang are a force to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to lay claim to the Swineland city of Wartown, a major first step to assuming complete control over all the Warpig clans.

With the Redeemers and their Warpig allies the only things that stand against him, Valkal's Shadow spreads across Swineland like an ever-expanding blight. The residents of Swineland desperately need heroes who will rise up and put an end to Valkal's terrible rule and liberate it before his reach can spread any further.

The Dungeons

We have 3 new dungeons to tax you and your friends. They feature the most complex, and we think exciting, mechanics we have created so far. With special music tracks and atmosphere, Swineland's dungeons are a fitting end to this part of the Earth Eternal Saga

Valkal's Blood Keep

The heart of evil in Swineland lies within the Vampire fortress which sits atop a mountain overlooking all of Swineland. The Keep took countless slaves to build whose blood now flows through the very halls they slaved to build. At night you can still hear the screams of the innocent as the Vampires claim new victims each and every day.


The Blood Keep is the symbol of power for Valkal in Swineland and the center of his portion of Lord Palatine Drakul's growing empire. He resides within, along with his 'sons', Vajs in their own rights, and all growing in strength as Vampire Lords. In the Keep's Sanctum Sanguis, Valkal and his 'sons' bathe in the blood of their victims in order to rejuvenate themselves and further extend their immortality. The Keep is steeped in dark and fell ancient magics which protect the vampire lord from harm while he is inside, making him virtually unstoppable.

Many have tried to enter the Blood Keep to put an end to Valkal and his ilk but an ancient barrier repels all those who would try to do Valkal harm.

As long as the fortress stands, all those of weak resolve who gaze upon it are overcome with the feeling of hopelessness and defeat.

The Junk Palace

Boss Hawg is a vicious ruthless Crime Lord who wants complete and utter control of Swineland and all it's rackets. The Haz'ard Crew gang are some of the toughest Warpigs around and are known to be stirring up all kinds of trouble whether it's illegal gambling, smuggling, extortion you name it.

Boss Hawg operates from his compound known as The Junk Palace. This once Warpig town is now a dangerous hangout for Boss Hawg and his gang of meat heads. It's built around several bombs dating from the Age of Man which Boss Hawg stores in his Palace as decorations.

To his gang members, Boss Hawg is everything. Adopting the name Notorious P.I.G, Boss Hawg's ego is certainly as well fortified as his Compound and that place is certainly not somewhere you'd want to find yourself.

The Skrill Queen's Lair

As if things in Swineland weren't bad enough, a nest of Skrill have begun pouring in. Unimaginable numbers of these creatures are popping out from their main hive in Northern Swineland.

The old and bonefide Warpig gang known as the Squishers have made a living 'squishing' the Skrill to try and control the populations. Many think the recent outbreak is due to an overactive Queen who is producing children at an astounding rate.

Very few are brave enough the venture into the nest. They say the Queen is enormous and aggressive and will kill anyone who manages to reach her at the heart of her lair.

If someone isn't able to destroy the Queen, Swineland might very will be overrun with Skrill in time and destroy that which, aside from things from the Age of Man, that the Warpigs hold dear.

Other Stuff!


Scattered through dungeons across the new player zones, Anglorum and Europe are the pages to lost stories, books not seen for generations. Venture through some of the most dangerous places in all of the Earth and collect missing pages and restore lost books.

Learn the secrets and history of Earth Eternal as well as earn rewards for restoring books to their former glory.

New Environments

Explore the world of Earth Eternal anew with brand new music and environments active across all corners of the world as well as dungeons. Enjoy epic melodies as you take on the most fearsome enemies the world has to offer. Don't forget to bundle up when the wind gets strong and cold in the snowy mountains... Also stay tuned for more weather content which the addition of Rain and thunder storms, sand storms and more!!

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