Race - The Fangren

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The Fangren history is largely shrouded due to the unfortunate events which eventually befell their people. The few scraps of legend which have survived trace the Fangren origins back to a small tribe led by two great warriors, Romulus and Remus. Stories say that they founded a glorious city in the heart of the Tiber Valley.

The legend states that their city was built on the western bank of the river Tiber, but once completed, a quarrel erupted as to who would be the leader. Remus was said to be the wiser brother, but Romulus the stronger, and also the firstborn. Their debate raged for days, but the city's people began to lean towards the eloquent Remus. Acting quickly to protect his birthright, Romulus sent assassins to slay his brother.

Warned of the coming treachery by a spy Remus had placed in Romulus's household, Remus fled to the eastern bank and quickly gathered his forces to him. Some say that there is no bad blood such as that between those of the same blood, and this proved sadly true. They warred for half a score years, brother against brother, Fangren against Fangren, until at least Remus was forced to flee, and disappeared from even legend. Romulus, victorious, built his city of Roma into one of great wealth and power.

The early Fangren were said to be a noble and courageous people despite their tumultuous beginnings, and great warriors besides, widely respected for their strength and wisdom both. They loved life, and honed their minds as well as their bodies. This makes their destiny all the more tragic, for these same qualities were what ultimately attracted the vampires to them, to decimate the Fangren and birth the Ferals. Their people thirsted for blood no more than a common sword does, and yet the cruel hands that twisted and wielded them bathed them in it for centuries.

Long of tooth and short of temper, the Fangren embody both nobility and savagery. From their home in the ancient city of Rome they frequently participate in military excursions to aid other Beasts.

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