The Beast Races of Earth Eternal

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Below are the Race Lores of the 22 Beast Races of Earth Eternal. It should be noted that each description contains the Original backstories for each player race once seen on the SPM EE forums. As such, these are, hopefully, as unaltered as possible. Also of note is that five of the races have much longer backstories than the other sixteen as these races were added after the Official EE Lore itself was written. The sixth of these latter races (the Yeti) was, sadly, not given as much background. Further, of the original sixteen races, for whatever reasons, one of these (the Lisians) also has a very small backstory. Why this is the case is not exactly known, yet could be due to the fact that, at least for the latter, it was one of three races chosen by the players on the Iron Realms Entertainment Earth Eternal forums very early in EE's history (see the History for info), but, unlike the other two chosen alongside them, was introduced much later in the Lore story itself. Thus, it is quite possible both 'shorted' Races were meant to have more extensive histories but these were for some reason never added.



New additions made to the Player Race pages for The Anubian War:

To resolve issues present in the original Lore.pdf file, much of the lore is being updated and fixed. This includes various changes made to the lore for the various Player Races found here. For historical purposes, the original text from SPM will remain intact on each Race page until new pages can be made for the deprecated lore; however, the new updates will be given a more prominent place on each Race page to denote the updated TAW versions of each. For now, enjoy both the old and new versions of the Race lores. Hopefully, the changes to those Race lores that badly need them remain faithful to the original work.

Liska Quicksilver - Loremaster and EE Historian

The Anura
The Atavians
The Bandicoons
The Bounders
The Broccans
The Capricans
The Clockwork
The Cyclopes
The Daemons
The Fangren
The Felines
The Foxen
The Grumkin
The Harts
The Lisians
The Longtails
The Noctari
The Sylvans
The Taurians
The Tuskens
The Ursines
The Yeti