Race - The Foxen

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The kingdom of the Foxen is remembered more as an idea than a history now. It is said, and passionately felt among many of the Foxen, that the Border Holds, so called as they lay the furthest east of friendly Beast nations known to those of the time, were among the most civilized of Beasts, skilled in the arts of war, art, commerce, and lordship. Located where the Ranger Kingdoms are today, the citizen soldiers of the Border Holds were apparently widely known as great hunters and travelers who ranged near and far, gathering a unique culture to them that drew upon the influences of all around them. Unfortunately, little more is known about these early Beasts. All we know of them comes from third party accounts in the stories of other nations of that time, though they were one of the few nations of Beasts to survive the Bleakness. Their civilization was scoured from the land by an invasion of the People of the Skull sometime in the latter part of the Age of Legend and the infamous citizen soldiers of the Border Holds disappeared from history. Modern Foxen honor their memory in the Ranger Kingdoms, but do not claim to be anything other than the spiritual successor to the Border Holds.

The Foxen are a race forged in the crucible of war. Ever-vigilantly have they guarded the eastern border of Europe from their Ranger Kingdoms, serving as the first line of defense against the People of the Skull.

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