Help? Could use some advice.

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Help? Could use some advice.

(I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Valkal's Shadow section. If I got it wrong, I apologise in advance. Doubly so for the huge length of the questions!)

So I've finally gotten a chance to get back into the game, so far things have been pretty good, however I do have a few questions:

-This could be argued as a bit trivial but it's been plaguing me since the SPM era ended and is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Back in the day, during the last week or two of the game's remaining uptime I finally decided to try out the other classes, other than the lvl 40-ish Knight I had, while I had a chance. I did have plans on what I would roll before then, however, in particular an Atavian "blue jay" Mage; I spent quite a bit of time in the character creator to try to get the colours just right. Unfortunately it was only by the time I got him to Anglorum that, to my horror, I found that most headgear in the game (or at least the ones I could get hands on, which included some of the credit shop costumes which were "free" at the time) seemed incompatible with the Atavian head model, as in most seemed to directly cover or obscure their eyes. While I suppose I could argue "jedi/mage" sight, I would prefer not to be rendered "blind" by most pieces of gear if possible. On the other hand this might all be due to faulty memory on my part, this was nearly ten years ago and I didn't screenshot this at the time, and thus might not be worth all my worrying about it.

So if it is still an issue I'd like to know beforehand to re-roll a different race before I invest my time trying to recreate something, spending time guiding them through the tutorial and then run into that all over again and have to decide whether to delete them or not.

TLDR: Are Atavian head model eyes still obscured by headgear items (i.e. cowls, hoods, helms, hats etc.)?

-What is the current level cap? And thus what is the max amount of ability points (from what I recall reading the "purchase more ability points" via credits is no longer operable)? Also how does the "respecialize" button work now? Is it free, constantly re-doable, and most importantly do I get back all the points I've previously invested? I worry about the latter because I think the last time I used during the SPM days it "ate" some of my points, but again that could be a just faulty memory.

-How does Heroism/Luck work again exactly? I can't remember, is it a damage/dodge bonus, or a bonus for getting better drops from the loot tables?

-Is there much of a difference between one hand/small, bow/throw weapons, like speed/dps or distance? I notice while playing a Rogue there doesn't seem to be any barrier to using any of them, even though technically "bows" aren't a highlighted option in the talent tree.

-Speaking of Rogues how does the "off hand" work? Is it just added on as is or as a diminished damage value? If the former would that make it ideal to keep the "better" weapon the offhand to take advantage of the Balance skill?

-How does the book-crafting/bookshelf work? Do I need to track down the "glue" down as a drop somewhere; I think I recall some "book-wyrm/fly"-things in Western Anglorum? If it's not an item I need to pick up, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to get it to "bind" pages together. I'm getting "These items do not match a known combination" messages every time. Also so far the Corsica and Camelot notes give "Recipe for book missing" errors, though I doubt there are more pages needed. I'd rather hold onto them until I can get this figured out but they are starting to fill up my inventory/vault.

-How deep into the game are the daily quests for credits, and how many "credits per day" do they tend to offer?

-Bit of a silly one, but one I might as well write down, I assume the potions for "feral forms"/"travel potions" in the credit shop are one use, one per purchase, right?

-Is there a list for emotes? No commands I've tried seem to work and while I know most players are few and far between even on a good day I would still like to know what they are, at least for curiosity's sake.
-Any important tips or advice on how to play the various classes? As in, are there any abilities that are an absolute "must" to play a class or any ones to avoid? Tips on Rogues, Mages, and Druids would be particularly useful as I have comparably little experience with those, let alone which ones "work as intended." For example is [skill] useful for Rogues? If the answer is obvious, that just shows my lack of knowledge with this.

-Are dungeons re-doable or do you "need" a quest to access them? Is there a level cap to redoing them or could I try to tackle a dungeon solo when I'm over-leveled/geared enough to handle them, or at least try to handle them?

-On that note any other tips for "solo" play, such as how overleved once must be to solo multiplayer quests, in particular most "two" player ones?

Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.