Neverending Loading-Screen

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Neverending Loading-Screen

Hello there and greetings from germany! I've a problem. It seems, the loadingscreen after login wont end. I already downloaded "All Media" in the first place and using the flatpak-Client (Solus Linux running). The green circle-symbol on the right side is circling around. So it does not seem to be froozen. Any suggestions


/Update 1: Trying the Windows-Version on my Surface - it seems to work fine. Needed to download the DirectX SDK too. Anyway... it seems there's a little green bar aswell unter the big blue one. Under Linux with stuck Loading-Screen this "Ressource Downloadbar" seems to do nothing.


/Update 2: Still figuring out, what the problem might be. So i've created a Char with the Windows-Version, now i can login via Linux-Client and actually see my Character (with some graphicglitches) and even visit the world with even more graphic glitches. If i maximze the Window, everything turns to be massiv pixels Biggrin See picture in Link for small, non pixelated Client-Window:


/Update 3: With the Windows-Version, running via Wine it seems to work fine. Except that one half of the screen is usable. This means: I can go for a maximized window, but only the left half of the Window i can use my mouse to klick things. The exact other half (right side) of the window is unusable. If a Window ingame crosses this "middleline", i cant click any buttons. Need to move the window to the left part. Same goes for moving the camera. Right click at the left side - i can go full circle. Right side? Nothing. It feels like an invisible wall for the mouse.


/Update 4: If i kill the native Linux-Client (the installed flatpak) and restart the App... this seems wo be some kind of workaround for the stuck loadingscreen. But still there are graphic glitches as seen above (Link). But i was able to resolve the issue with half-screen mouse working and other half not, while playing with the Windows-Client + WINE. Need to setup a "virtual desktop" with fixed Resolution via winecfg. Now it seems working so far.