Maybe With Someone Would Be Fun....

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Maybe With Someone Would Be Fun....

Maybe it would be fun to play with someone. Hoyaa, everyone, an eccentric player just arrived, as a new challanger! (Actually, I don't like PvP) I found this game the other day when I was searching for a video game with more interesting races to play. So I decided to play this and did not get disappointed, mostly. I might just need someone to play with.

Back to myself!
I've got a great interest in all kinds of geek things but not in everything and I've also got social problems. Harder to start conversations with to people and tendency to close myself off. I'm also very sceptical about writing here! Biggrin
Luckly, I'm foolhardy and fun. I can have fun with people who only play for fun. I also have a lot of referencies from all kinds of media.

Soo.... I don't know how should I close this.... I know!
I'm in +0100 time zone if anybody would want to add me to his-slash-her friend list.