"Version III" Suggest I

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"Version III" Suggest I

This is a "mini-thread" for the discussion of things that, as it's been found out, might only be realistic after TAW is released. If considered as a whole, they'd require a full revamp - that's not suggested, but I'll refer to it as such anyway: Version 3.

1) Rebirth.

There are now 2 types of Rebirth: Return and Respawn.

Return is the same as the first option is now. It no longer removes Heroism, instead taking away EXP.

Respawn is a hybrid of the other 2 options and costs new coin values to use. This rebirth option takes away nothing else. Values:

1-10) 50c*level, 11-20) 1s*level, 21-30) 10s*level
31-35) 50s*level, 36-40) 1g*level, 41-45) 10g*level
46-50) 50g*level, 51+) 1 Credit * level

2) Return To Sender quests.

In order to help struggling players circumvent Return's EXP loss, monsters now have the 2% chance to drop items that NPCs have "lost" somehow. Right-clicking an item gives you the quest and giving it back to the NPC ends the quest. The NPC is always somewhere in the same region as the monster.

3) Gaia Knight

This comes from a "what if" idea, concerning the pretty much impossible chance for this server to get funding. The idea in the "what if" is that this would be a one-time payment instead of a subscription thing.

A player with the Gaia Knight mark on their account would naturally get 5% more exp and 5% more gold from monsters and quests at all times, "gift packages" with the gold/exp boosts currently in the credit shop with one package given to the account the moment it becomes GK and one once each month from then on, and finally an "equipment set" based on the class (or chosen weapons passives) that would "level" as the character does. These equips would be the same as shop items but adjusted per level, yet would never be as good as drops. This changes at max level where they gain figures of the highest item grade.

Gaia Knight would apply to all characters.

Since you can't get players to pay for this, the idea is for it to be obtained automatically once any character on the account reaches max level.

4) Equipment Stats

There's no longer damage or defense ratings, period.

Stats play a bigger role, so equipment stats get far better.

There are no more "natural stats" so equipment stats and stat buffs are the only stat givers.

Equipment type, as in cloth/plate/etc, still matters since each type only gives certain stats, but the number of equips increases to have variation of those stats. This is so that stats can better fit playstyle than the suggested class stats.

5) Character models.

Race models become "rounder" or "curvier" and more "anime-esque" with more face/body options and more "extreme" sliding options, including height. See Eden Eternal's attempt at this:


Female models look more feminine. If animal races no longer have this option, then the races' females will instead have features that the females have in the actual animal world.

6) Quest changes.

The current quest window will pretty much remain the same except for the dialogue section, which will be replaced with "RuneScape-style conversations". I'll put in pictures in a few days (family weekend) to represent this.

7) Skill changes.

Class-based system eliminated and changed to weapon-based. When a character is created, the player must choose 3 weapon passives (of which shield is one) that determine what they can and can't use.

Weapon passives can now be changed through skill restructuring, but only once per character level. If a player chooses not to respec during a level, too bad because the ability doesn't stack. Any additional change must be bought with credits.

The little crystal thing that can be equipped as a weapon is taken out of the game and magic skills/stats are changed as a result.

All skills are assigned to a weapon passive or weapon passives. The skills you can select from the "top half" and "bottom half" change to only be the ones your weapons allow. If you change weapon passive, any points you lost will be reimbursed.

Skills are added and taken away to be more "malleable" so that there aren't any "OP builds" left over from class specialization. This will be easier to do than it sounds since the skill system is already pretty malleable.

There are no "top half" or "bottom half" skills anymore. The tabs are changed from class tabs to weapon tabs with the top/bottom skills being in the same weapon tab.

Anything that is wielded in one hand can be dual-wielded.

The weapon types such as 2H, 1H, and DW may be taken out or changed into something else, although their mechanics will remain. This is due to the confusing nature of the weapons passives as they currently exist.

8 ) Furstyles.

Replacing hairstyles, furstyles are "head fur" looks that match the fur color the character already has. Which color and which style depends on the face selected, or is independent on non-fur races. For example, a wolf face that has red main fur and white in the face can have a white mohawk (see the Ogre mohawk in the image above in Race changes) that "connects" directly to the white face if the face fur touches the head, but the mohawk is red if the face fur doesn't touch the head.

These furstyles will imitate what it would look like if anthro races "grew out" their head fur.