Earth Eternal - The Anubian War is the title we have chosen for, and the central theme of, the next installment of this abandoned MMORPG. Set in a world where Humans no longer exist, and beasts reign supreme, TAW is developed by a group of ex-players and volunteers who are doing this for fun, not profit.

The expansion is very much still under development, but we encourage you to hang out with us on this website, and in the other surviving EE fan groups. We will be posting regular progress updates, culminating in test events before our final launch. Before you ask, we can't give you any hard and fast date as to when this might be, but stay tuned!

In the mean time, you can play Valkal's Shadow, which is more a contination of Planet Forever, the server bought to you by the amazing Grethnefar, and the basis on which our work is built.

We now also curate a large collection of Lore, have resurrected Shroomies Search, and run a dedicated Forum.