Race - The Anura

The froglike Anura are a singular exception among the races of Beast in that we know exactly how they came to be, and when. As told in the Mystarch Dominion section of the history, the Anura were created as slaves by the Mystarch Tarchon, and how they rebelled against him when the Beasts rose against the Mystarch rule. When the Covenant was formed, the Anura were judged worthy by Gaia the Earthmother and were granted full Beasthood, after which they eagerly bound themselves to the Covenant. Since that time, so long ago, it has not been uncommon for some Anura to be almost fanatical in their devotion to Gaia and to the good of Beasts. Though they never had a homeland, the Anura have, in recent times, begun the first steps in constructing a city of Anura and for Anura, in the Polissya Swamp, which they are calling Moonfall.

The Anura are the results of magical experiments by the mighty magic-using Mystarchs during the Age of Legend, but are now long-established members of the Beasts. Anura often show a particular fondness for the Goddess Gaia.

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