Race - The Atavians

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The sharp-eyed and sharp-taloned Atavians can trace their ancestry back to the cool oceanic coasts of western Tartessian Peninsula. Here, their feathered forefathers made nests along the beaches and inland mountains, and spent their time fishing and trading with other primitive Beasts. While their primary diet consisted of fish, hunting parties also frequently scouted into the mainland and preyed upon the lesser animals. Their enemies knew them as swift and fearful foes, and their cunning was legendary. Many of their legends tell of Ariviir, who single-handedly felled great dire wolves from the north by feigning fearful chase and leading his pursuers into snares, whence the hunted became the hunter. It is often said that he and his tribe were the inspiration for the modern Cazadorians and their fight against the second Anubian invasion. Later, the descendants of Ariviir begat the nation of Tartessia, of which little is left today but the name, though it is known that it had contact with the Dog Soldiers of Amizeh across the narrow sea.

Descendants of the once-great Tartessian Empire, the Atavians are a proud race fighting for their very existence against the invasion of the Anubian hordes from North Africa.

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