Race - The Capricans

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High in the peaks of the Carpathian mountains, the goat-like Capricans carved their early homes out of the very rock and dirt of the mountainside. The conditions must have been harsh indeed, but the first of the Capricans were a hard people, known for their stubborn natures and strong will. An old saying, perhaps from as far back as this time says, "Better to try and squeeze blood from a stone than move a Caprican." In fact, they lived quite happily in their mountain home. They spent their days growing what little food they could in the rocky soil and mining the caves of the Carpathians, in which they built towns and villages. When traders would visit, the Capricans managed to do quite well for themselves by trading gems and precious minerals for necessities they lacked and luxuries to make the stinging bite of the mountain winters more tolerable. Though we know they built small cities in shallow cave systems to hide from the winter, none have survived the ravages of time, aside from one important exception. Two centuries ago, when Janus Redclaw and his band of vampire hunters found what they named the Warren, they found a ruined city that they were able to determine had been a city of the ancient Capricans named Kar Luthin.

It is said, with some truth, that changing the mind of a stone is an easy task compared with that of persuading a Caprican to do what he or she does not wish to do.

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