Race - The Broccans

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Famous in the stories for both their strength of arm and great courage, the warrior clans of the Broccans hail from the Scotian highlands. While many of the Broccans practiced farming and formed small communities there, the young warriors spent most of the year in small raiding parties organized by their individual clans and headed to the lowlands to hunt the wild cats and brown bears that could be found there. Occasionally the clans would range far to the south and raid the settlements of the Whitestone Harts, but these rarely resulted in anything approaching open warfare. Honor was paramount within the warrior clans, and Curnon save the Beast that insulted that honor. Though the Broccan clans were not scholars and kept few records, modern Broccans claim that their early ancestors were the first to take up worship of Curnon, God of the Hunt and it is true that in modern times, the High Priest of Curnon has been a Broccan more often than any other race.

Hearty and hale, the Broccans of the highland clans are always lusty for a good fight and may be typically be found on the front lines of battles, singing their war songs as they flow from enemy to enemy.

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