Race - The Longtails

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Though many stories are told of the wandering Longtails, much of what is said is fiction and hearsay. No one knows for sure where the first Longtails arose, but they roamed through central Europe for much of the Age of Legends, never staying in one spot for long. They earned their bread by performing shows where they exhibited great acrobatic feats and clever sleight of hand, and doing odd jobs like mending pots or chopping wood for villages they would stop near. At night they built enormous fires and gathered around them to tell stories, play music, and dance by the hypnotic firelight. Because of their nomadic lifestyle, they were often blamed when something would go wrong in a community. Invariably, if they were not outright accused of theft or violence, the mutterings and whispers would start and they would move on before any real trouble could occur, for the early Longtails had no love for fighting and combat. It's quite ironic then, considering the ill reputation of the Longtails, that much of what we know of the Age of Legends and the origins of the other races comes directly from the stories passed down verbally from parent to child around those iconic campfires. It's precisely due to their nomadic nature and oral tradition that we have even the scraps of knowledge of our history before the Bleakness.

The Longtails are a race of wanderers and rogues, shunned by some but valued by those who understand that though they may act frivolously, there is no better ally to have when backed into a corner.

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