Race - The Noctari

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The early Noctari were a people both hearty and wise, living in the land of Hellena, at the base of mighty Mount Olympus, near the Aegean Sea . Though their nation was not so ancient as Badaria or Midgaard, Hellena arose soon after those ancient nations. Unlike either the Felines or the Ursines, though, the Noctari were not governed by a central authority, instead preferring to live in distinct settlements that were loosely allied with each other. Early on, the Noctari worshipped the Gods of Mount Olympus, and each of their villages would typically adopt a patron God or Goddess. It’s known that the Noctari occasionally warred against each other under the influence of competing Gods, for although they were a people who valued knowledge and good judgement, they were also a proud people, and quick to anger when they felt their local God had been insulted.

The exception to this rule was Zeus the Father, who was respected and honored among all Noctari of Hellena, except perhaps by the Priestesses of Hera, whose devotion to Hera and Hera alone was legendary. Hellena prospered greatly, and its cities grew strong, resisting even the Bleakness as well as any nation had, and was one of the few civilizations to survive more or less intact until the Age of Man. Our great debt to these ancient Noctari, as modern Beasts, is the library they built in the heart of Mount Olympus , which survived, in secret, even through the Age of Man. Though most of what we know of early Beast history comes from the Longtails, it was through the knowledge gained from the great Library of Athena that the Beasts of Europe were able to restablish civilization relatively quickly after the fall of Man. Philosophy, politics, the study of the trees, rivers, and animals, the secrets of curing disease: All these have their roots in the knowledge we gained from the rediscovery of the Library of Athena.

Hailing from the slopes of Mt. Olympus, the Noctari are a far-seeing feathered race that enjoys a close relationship with its Gods. They are often viewed as wise, and possess the largest library known to Beasts.

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