Race - The Taurians

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Of early Taurians, little is known, for they kept few records. They have always been renowned as great hunters, even then, and what records have been found of the early Taurians do not tell us much about them save how many Hill Goliaths this Taurian slew, or how many captives that Taurian took in his last raid against a neighboring tribe. It's believed that they first arose in the southwestern portion of Taurania, in the Taurus mountains, for when mighty Sargon first makes his mark upon history many thousands of years later, the Taurians had not yet expanded beyond the mountains of their racial youth.

The Taurians brook no insult and do not suffer the weak gladly. Hunting the greatest threats on Earth is the obsession of all Taurania, and the objects of their hunt cannot expect to be long for the Earth.

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