Race - The Tuskens

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The Tuskens originated in the woodlands that covered the foothills of the eastern Carpathian mountains. Warriors they were, but not barbarians. Though they left few records and were no scholars or artists they had an iron discipline. They called their homeland 'Eremantus' which expresses the idea, in the Old Tongue that, "In discipline lies freedom." The ancient Tuskens spent their days training in the arts of battle and serving as mercenaries for causes just or not. They themselves sought no territory and did not demand or take great shares of treasure, serving in trade for raw iron, cloth, food, and other necessities but primarily motivated by the glory of battle. There the Tuskens stayed, living simply in forested Eremantus until the Vampires came and drove them out of the Carpathians so that they could establish their Blood Kingdom.

Strong, silent, and utterly implacable in the face of a threat, the Tusken are descended from a culture of martial excellence. Since the Blood Kingdom destroyed their homeland, they have fought against it tusk and nail.

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