Race - The Bandicoons

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East of the Great Forest, in the rolling hills and woods of the northern mainland, in the area we now know as the Blighted Wood, lies the ancestral home of the Bandicoons. In those days, of course, the taint of the Rotted had not been dreamt of yet, and the forests here were still the domain of the Beasts. The early Bandicoons were quiet, peaceful beings who loved learning the secret paths and many plants and trees of the woods and hills. Their children would often play with the Treekin to the west, who taught their kind the powerful druidic magic that has sustained the Beasts through many a hard time. Though jovial and good-hearted, the ancient Bandicoons kept largely to themselves, preferring the simple comforts of hearth and home within their villages to the dangerous and noisy life of adventuring. Any foe wandering into their territory quickly learned the difference between peaceful and harmless, however, for though the earliest Bandicoons built no cities nor dreamed dreams of conquest and martial glory, they were and are cunning and fearless in defense of what is theirs. The legend goes that these early Bandicoons were not dispersed from their homeland until the Bleakness, and even then resisted the rampaging Undead for decades through the power of an artifact claimed to be from the Lost Ages. Some stories call this artifact the Stygian Eye, some the Boncairn, and some the Trillium Shard. There's no agreement on what this magical relic did to protect the Bandicoons, but in the end, it was all for naught, as they succumbed to the Bleakness and scattered to the four winds like virtually all Beasts in those terrible times.

Often preferring the woodlands to the streets and alleyways of cities, Bandicoons are stalwart members of Beastdom. Many of them have, of late, forsaken their beloved forests to battle against Lord Drakul, Lord of the Vampires.

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