Race - The Bounders

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The earliest of the Bounders awoke on the isle of Hibernia, far to the northwest. As the Emerald Isle was then devoid of threat, the Bounders' days were idyllic and filled with leisure, abundant food, and friendship among themselves and with the occasional Hart or Broccan visitor from the isle to the East. The Bounders had everything they needed readily available and had no need for leadership nor commerce. They affectionately referred to their king-less realm as the Emerald Kingdom. So things were on Hibernia, relatively untouched by events beyond their little world, until the vivacious Bounders were finally driven out of their Emerald Kingdom by the Primal Invasion, never to return.

The Bounders are a race exiled from their traditional homeland in the Emerald Kingdom, now living here and there throughout Europe. Generally happy-go-lucky in nature, they can turn vicious when pressed.

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