• Video - How to Download and Install Earth Eternal (SPM)

    This fan made video tutorial essentially showed players how to download and install Earth Eternal on their computers during the Sparkplay days. This video has been placed here for archival purposes only as it is one of the few surviving pieces of documentation regarding technical details of the original game. Don't bother following the directions as they are LONG defunct! Still, it's a valuable piece of EE history.

  • Video - Earth Eternal - Open Beta Gameplay - Out of Map! HD

    Fan made video from the very beginning of the Sparkplay Media Open Beta of Earth Eternal. Shows off a player going out of bounds in Mushroom Isle and exploring. This issue was reported as fixed soon after the video was made. Fun piece of EE history though. Oh, and don't mind the music the player added to their video!

  • Video - 500 Miles on my worn out paws, Earth Eternal

    This little fan made video montage of Earth Eternal was created by the player Vixus Snowpaw in the early days of the Sparkplay Media Open Beta. It is set to the song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers. A really fun and lighthearted video from the early days of EE.

  • Video - Earth Eternal - HACKING Tutorial by Vixus Snowpaw

    Before you ask, no, this is not a REAL hacking video tutorial. What it was, was a video tutorial by player Vixus Snowpaw illustrating the consequences of players who might attempt to hack Earth Eternal during the Sparkplay days. In short, if you try to hack the game, you would eventually get caught and likely banned from the game by the Sparkplay devs and mods. This video was essentially Vixus' friendly reminder to the players of Earth Eternal to play honestly and fairly with other players of the game so that everyone has enjoyment and fun. Even though our servers are fan run versions of EE, we would like to think this message still applies even today.