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Here can be read the histories of the four Ages of Earth as we the Beasts all know. From the rule of the Titans, including Gaia the Earthmother, to the arrival of Djall the Dark Lord and the awakening of the Gods in The Lost Ages. From the rise of the heroes of the Age of Legend including Sigmund, Sigurd, Atan and Sargon among many others; to major events such as the rise and fall of the Mystarchs; the forming and, later, breaking of the Covenant of Gaia; the rise of the Undead and the Vampires; the events of the Bleakness and the Migration. From the rise of Man, to Man's fall at his own hand in the Age of Man; to the return of the Beasts to Earth in the Reclamation and the events that have since transpired upon the Earth in the current age we call The Age of Beasts.

So take a seat, dear friends, and enjoy!

- Archivist Blackhorn, Chief Librarian of the Great Library of Camelot


The Lost Ages

Chapter 0 - The Lost Ages

This is a brief telling of the earliest days of Earth. It tells of the Titans and their servants the Faerie, of the coming of Djall to Earth and his eventual rise to power. Also told is the story of Gaia and the awakening of the Gods, her children, to battle against Djall and his forces in The Godwars.



The Age of Legend

Chapter 1 - The Age of Legend - Beginnings

Gaia, the Earthmother awakens the Amanita (Shroomies) and Treekin, and Djall, Lord of the Dark, creates Salamanzar, the Protolich to serve Him. Much later, the Beasts awake.


Chapter 2 - The Undead Genesis

Salamanzar creates Abidan and Abiel, the first Archliches. They, in turn, create Suten-Hamu, the first of the Mummies, and Vinga, first of the Vampires. The Undead begin construction on the city of Sheol, in the great underground cavern of Golgotha.


Chapter 3 - The Early Beasts

The background and early histories of some of the races of Beasts are detailed, including the story of Beowulf, the first king of Midgaard and his death in the first invasion of the evil Dvergar.


Chapter 4 - Sigmund of Midgaard

The story of how King Sigmund of Midgaard was judged worthy by Odin the Allfather and given the battleaxe Stormbringer is told.


Chapter 5 - Sigurd of Midgaard

The history of Sigurd, son of Sigmund and how his blacksmith Regnin was taken to Hell by Thor, the Thunder God, and there, at the Pit of Neraka, taught the secrets of forging dragonsteel in forging the mighty warhammer Mjolnir. Regnin later forges the weapons Calaburn, Soulreaver, and Torand from dragon bone ash that Thor provides in exchange for a painful sacrifice from Sigurd.


Chapter 6 - The Rise of the Mystarchs, Part 1

This chapter talks of the rise of arcane magic in the world, and the finding of Mysterium Primordial, a fabled book from the Lost Ages, by the ancient Felines of Badaria.


Chapter 7 - The Rise of the Mystarchs, Part 2

Eight mages have risen to great heights of magical knowledge through finding pages of the Mysterium Primordial. They call themselves Mystarchs and band together to hoard magical power.


Chapter 8 - The Mystarchs and the Shadow Legion

The Mystarch Al-Idrisi discovers how to use Yggdrasil, the World Tree, to travel to other worlds. The Mystarchs discover the existence of the Shadow Legion and the Dark Lords while searching for the Enigma Primal; the index to the Mysterium Primordial. The Mystarch Zahhak goes mad reading the Enigma Primal without the key to it and is imprisoned safely by his fellow Mystarchs.


Chapter 9 - The Mystarch Dominion

A being calling itself a Dor’kana appears in Zahhak’s cell, soothing his troubled mind somewhat and teaching him a form of mental magic the Mystarchs had not encountered before. Zahhak convinced the rest of the Mystarchs that they must rule over the Beasts to prepare Earth for the invasion of the Shadow Legion. The Mystarchs discover the key to the Enigma Primal and thus the Mysterium Primordial, Tarchon creates the Anura, and the Treekin close the Great Forest.


Chapter 10 - The Fall of the Mystarchs

The rule of the Mystarchs becomes more and more tyrannical and Zahhak began forcing Beasts to join his army. Soon, there is revolution starting with the Dog Soldiers of Amizeh and spreading across Europe. The Mystarchs are defeated and captured and sentence is pronounced by Solomon, who was judge at their trials. Zahhak is rescued by Dor’kana just as he was to be executed for his crimes.


Chapter 11 - The Covenant and Solomon's Line

Solomon is declared Overking of the new Beast Empire and the Covenant is formed and blessed by Gaia. The Anura become full Beasts and the Outcasts refuse to join the Covenant. Solomon bans the practice of arcane magic. Twenty-three rulers follow Solomon and the Beasts of the Covenant enjoy one of the great periods of prosperity in their history.


Chapter 12 - The Primal War

Europe is invaded by large, savage Beast-like creatures known as Primals who arrive by ship from somewhere to the West. They rampage through much of Western and Southern Europe, burning and looting, and just before leaving inexplicably they kidnap Ir’asa, sole heir to the line of Solomon. The Solomnic Age (not a true age, but instead a time within the Age of Legend) was over.


Chapter 13 - The Vampire Revolution

Vinga, first of the Vampires, revolts, slaying the Archlich Abiel who created him. He and his Vampires flee the UnderRealm and settle in the Carpathian Mountains in central Europe, displacing the Tuskens and Capricans who lived there. The Mummies rise in Egypt and drive the Dog Soldiers back to Amizeh, to the West.


Chapter 14 - The Undead War, Part 1

Salamanzar orders Abidan to strike at Vinga with an army of Undead. Abidan appoints Shabaka, his greatest lich-general, to lead the army, which enters the sunlit world from under the Alpine Mountains. The Yeti, furious at this trespass into their territory, attack the Undead and in return Shabaka nearly wipes the Yeti out completely.


Chapter 15 - The Undead War, Part 2

The Undead War begins as Shabaka’s forces advance towards the Heartsbane Citadel, seat of Vinga’s power. On the Deadshale Plateau, the outcome of the war is decided in an epic battle that pits Vampire vs. the rest of the Undead.


Chapter 16 - The Protolich in Hell

Victorious in the Undead Wars, Vinga and his Bloodkin gorge themselves on the Beasts of the Covenant. Salamanzar journeys to Hell seeking the power of the Demon Lords who rule there. When Salamanzar does not return, Abidan names himself the Metalich.


Chapter 17 - The Carpathian Wars, Part 1

The Carpathian Wars, in which the Beasts of the Covenant seek to fend off the Blood Kingdom’s domination, begin with the failed Eremantian Insurgency. The Assembly of Whitecliff meets to plan a last stand against the Vampires.


Chapter 18 - The Carpathian Wars, Part 2

The five armies of the Beasts launch their attacks upon the Blood Kingdom, culminating with a great battle at the Deadshale plateau. Their loss spells the beginning of the Bleakness; two thousand years of Vampiric terror and despair.


Chapter 19 - The Bleakness

The Bleakness is well under way and the nations of the Beasts of the Covenant have fallen or are falling. The story of Sigrun, the first Valkyrie, is told in this chapter as well.


Chapter 20 - Atan and the Morning Lands

A young Beast named Atan is born and flees the Bleakness east to the Lands of the Morning where he discovers magic still exists and becomes slave to an Empress.


Chapter 21 - Mages of the Yellow River

Atan saves the life of the Empress of the Four Winds and is granted his freedom. He is sent to the Mages of the Yellow River to learn magic.


Chapter 22 - Magic Returns to Europe

The Empress is dead, and Atan is summoned back to Chang’an, the Imperial Capital. He ignores the summons and flees back to Europe, bringing arcane magic to the Beasts of the Covenant for the first time in thousands of years.


Chapter 23 - The White Shield

Atan begins to teach arcane magic to the Beasts of Europe and soon a group called the White Shield forms around him. Evading the Vampires, they journey through Europe, discovering a race of Beast previously unknown.


Chapter 24 - Atan's War

Atan and the White Shield start a war that frees half of Europe from the Bloodkin before the lines stabilize.


Chapter 25 - Atan and the Treekin

Seeing no clear path forward, Atan seeks out the Treekin and persuades them to open the Great Forest. They tell him of the Maar, a lost race of beings the Amanita told them of that may be able to help the Beasts.


Chapter 26 - Atan's Northern Journey

Atan is given the ancient sword Calaburn by Ursines grateful for the gift of arcane magic, and journeys with allies to Nidavellir where they find a gate deep below the Earth. Detected by the Dvergar, they flee and are soon lost and dwindling deep within the Earth.


Chapter 27 - The Maar

The Maar rescue Atan and his companions and they are stunned to discover Jarnsaxa, the ancient Mystarch, is with the Maar.


Chapter 28 - Jarnsaxa's Story

The story of how Jarnsaxa came to live with the Maar and the tragic story of the Maar themselves.


Chapter 29 - The Beasts Triumphant and Atan's Final Years

Bearing the secrets of dragonsteel as well as powerful Maar artifacts, Atan returns to Europe and together they push the Blood Kingdom back to the Carpathian Mountains. Gaia asks one final thing of Atan.


Chapter 30 - Sargon and the Vampires

Sargon of Taurania hunts and slays Lord Palatine Vinga and the Blood Kingdom breaks up into the Broods. The Sargonite Dynasty begins and the deeds of Marduk are told, as well as the grim consequences of his actions.


Chapter 31 - The Legacy of Atan

In this chapter the legacy of Atan unfolds. The Beasts of Europe enjoy an age of prosperity and cultural achievement not seen since the rule of the heirs of Solomon thousands of years before.


Chapter 32 - The Breaking of The Covenant

The Covenant is broken and Gaia lays a terrible curse upon those who broke it. The Taurian responsible for corrupting those who shattered the Covenant has a surprise to tell.


Chapter 33 - Zahhak's Story

The story of Zahhak, the Mystarch rescued by the Dor’kana moments before his execution, is told and the Beasts discover that the Dog Soldiers cursed by Gaia did not die out as was thought.


Chapter 34 - The End of The Age of Legend

Man has grown numerous and poses an inevitable threat. The Vampires create the Ferals to combat them with unforeseen consequences. The Bitter War, the war to seemingly end all wars, is fought with Man as the undisputed victor. Gaia causes the Migration to take place in order to rescue the surviving Beasts and with that act, the Age of Legend ends.



The Age of Man

Chapter 35 - The Age of Man Begins

The race of Man rises to take his place among the greatest of races to tread the Earth. The Veiled War between the Vampires and the Ferals rages in the background while the Treekin begin to slumber.


Chapter 36 - The Rise and Fall of Man

Mankind exerts complete dominance over the surface of the Earth until self-destructing in the cataclysmic wars fought against himself. The forces of Lord Djall begin to fill the vacuum created by Man's fall and Gaia resolves to ensure that the Dark Lord is not unopposed.


Chapter 37 - The Gods and the Maar

The Gods hold a Conclave and determine that the Maar are their best choice for cleaning the Earth of its now-poisoned atmosphere, that the Beasts might return safely. Hephaestus, Athena, and Thoth create the Temporal Aegis, and the Maar make their decision.


Chapter 38 - The Cleansing

The Maar begin to cleanse the Earth of Man's poison and spot the Dor'kana lurking in the ruined cities of Mankind. The Krostakin make contact with the Maar and the ancient Mystarch Jarnsaxa begins to suspect that there is more to Epimetheus's plans than has been revealed.


Chapter 39 - The Age of Man Ends

The Folly of Epimetheus is discovered and the Goliaths are born. The Earthmother returns the Beasts to Earth in an act known as the Reclamation.



The Age of Beasts

Chapter 40 - The Age of Beasts Begins - The Reclamation

The Beasts return to Earth from the Groves and re-establish themselves in the lands of their forefathers from the Age of Legend.


Chapter 41 - The Story of The Clockwork

The tale of the Mystarch Heraclitus during his time in exile and of the mechanical beings, the Clockwork, which he creates. It spans from their origins as the companions of Heraclitus to the ten generations of servitude to the Beasts of the Reclamation in exchange for being granted the spark of true life by Gaia.


Chapter 42 - Djall and Anubis

Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead, having fallen to darkness at some point in time, pledges his allegience to Djall in exchange for power.


Chapter 43 - The Resurgence of the Ancient Races, Part 1

Having survived through the Age of Man, the races left behind on Earth re-emerge from their hiding places to claim their lands on the Earth. The People of the Skull reclaim their ancient lands on both sides of the Urals, the Vampires emerge mostly victorious in the Veiled Wars with the Dominion of the Claw and re-organize within their Blood Kingdom in the Carpathian Mountains. The Undead face off with the Vampires and other races including the Beasts following their return from the Groves.


Chapter 44 - The Resurgence of the Ancient Races, Part 2

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Developer's Note:

Three of the above 'Ages' are mostly original and can also be found in the Lore.pdf written by former Sparkplay CEO Matt Mihaly. The last of the four, however, is new as the Age of Beasts was never completed by Matt before the end of the Sparkplay Era. Liska, TAW's Loremaster, has taken the time to compose a version of this last 'Age' in order to finally complete the amazing lore behind Earth Eternal. It is his hope that his additions remain as faithful to Matt's original vision as possible while also adding new life to it as well.

It should also be mentioned that the overall text has been cleaned up a bit from what is found in the Lore.pdf and mistakes have been corrected for the most part. Also, Liska has taken the time to add in the original chapter summaries for each chapter in both The Age of Legend and The Age of Man sections that were present on the original Earth Eternal website in 2007 and 2008. For The Lost Ages and The Age of Beasts, Liska will add his own summaries for each. As the latter Age is still being written, these are still forthcoming. To make this as complete a Lore as possible Liska is also adding back in missing tidbits that were, for whatever reason, removed from the original version of the EE Lore. He is also actually altering certain spots in the Lore chapters where the Lore.pdf itself actually has continuancy errors. These are fixed in this version of the EE Lore.